Best Ways to Make FFXIV Gil

Game: Final Fantasy XIV
Time: 2017-02-09 14:33:05
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FFXIV gil is always important in the game. Except that you can get cheapest FFXIV gil at third-party seller, also here are best ways to make FFXIV gil.


1. Leveling to make FFXIV gil

Level botany and gather a lot of the potion or food related mats

Level fisher and gather fish for popular food

Level ALC and make raid potions

Level CUL and make raid food

Level any other craft and sell what is popular


2. Best way to make money is to always be selling stuff on your retainers

Check to see what high end crafting recipes require. Sometimes you'll find super easy crafting items that cost less than 5 gil to make (with the crystal shard) HQ sell for over 1,000 gil. That is a lot of return for your work. Also, sell in stacks. If you have 20 of something that is selling quite well, sell it in smaller stacks. Most people only need a few things, they don't need 20. So they opt to spend a little bit more just to get the necessary items. HQ potions tend to sell better in 3's because of GC turn in's. Check frequently on the prices of the items you're selling. It's not uncommon to find people frequently price slashing everything. Oh, you're selling that HQ cotton cloth robe for 4,000 yesterday. Now some people (insert foul language) are selling the same thing for 400 gil.


3. Level gatherers, watch prices on market boards of things you can gather, stay competitive with your pricing but don't undercut by huge amounts to sell items faster. Keep the markets healthy and you will have no trouble making Gil.


4. Start a crafting class and earn gil as you level up. Start a gathering class and sell everything you gather to level up. You can save yourself gil by crafting your own gear as you go and making extra sets/mats to sell. Crafting is a long term investment that pats off in spades once you have everything levelled and geared.


Are these ways useful to you? Enjoy the process of making FFXIV gil.