Big coupon and cheap ffxiv gil for FFXIV Starlight Celebration

Game: Final Fantasy XIV
Time: 2015-12-22 13:55:47
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When we say farewell to 2015, Final Fantasy XIV has brought the Starlight Celebration to warm players’ hearts from the frigid weather. Along with it, FFXIV4GIL is providing a simple guide about the quests and rewards, as well as cheap ffxiv gils with coupons to help players get a good start!

How to start quests in FFXIV Starlight Celebration?
The Starlight Celebration has hit Eorzea on December 18 and will last to December 31, if you haven’t joined in and would like to know what the event entails, here it is: you should firstly be at level 15 to have the ability to travel to Limsa, Gridania, and Ul'dah, and then follow the steps below to start.

1. Speak to Collys on the northwest side of the Aftcastle in Limsa Upper Decks (11x, 12y) and get the quest "For Whom the Starlight Bell Tolls".
2. Speak to Baenfaeld near the center of the Aftcastle (11x, 13y).
3. Go to the Ruby Road Exchange in Ul'dah and speak to Hervey near the Adventurers' Guild's side entrance.
4. Obtain an Iron Clapper via Blacksmithing, a friend, one of the nice people handing them out for free, or the market board.
5. Speak to Hervey at the Ruby Road Exchange again and give him the Iron Clapper.
6. Visit Mih Khetto's Amphitheatre in Old Gridania and then speak to Cahernaut outside the theatre gate (10x, 8y).
7. Go back to Limsa and head to EAST Hawkers' Alley in Lower Limsa to speak to Baenfaeld (8x, 10y).
8. Head to the Arcanists' Guild in Lower Limsa and speak to Hervey (4x, 11y).
9. Go back to the Aftcastle in Upper Limsa and examine the Starlight Bell (11x, 13y)).
10. Speak to Baenfaeld to complete the quest.

What rewards are included in the ffxiv festival?
1. Festival accessories:
Reindeer Antlers (head piece with antlers and glowing nose), Reindeer Gloves, Reindeer Boots, Saint’s Bear, and Saint’s Cap. All these pieces are unsellable, but they can be dyed.
2. Housing items:
Starlight Sentinel (130 gil): A potted conifer displayed in homes during the Starlight Celebration.
Starlight ornament (93 gil): A wall decoration hung in homes during the Starlight Celebration.
Twin-star ornament (124 gil): A brilliant wall decoration hung in homes during the Starlight Celebration.

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