Brief Overview of the Jobs in FFXIV

Game: Final Fantasy XIV
Time: 2016-04-09 11:42:05
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In this article, I'd like to make a brief introduction about the jobs. And to make it straight forward. Here we go:


Melee DPS Jobs:

1. Monk: The Fast and Steady Melee DPS Fistfighter. Your speed in battle slowly ramps up. This class probably has the highest button press count of all the classes. Very fast paced. You work to maintain a crucial buff that remains by constantly fighting through your rotation. Your rotation is probably the hardest to maintain out of all the classes despite requiring less buttons than others, requiring you to strike interchangeably between your enemies flank and rear.


2. Dragoon: The slower, heavy hitting melee DPS Spear user. The Dragoon's rotation isn't as tight or stressful as a monks, but it has a lot more parts. You have many more instant abilities to weave between your attacks. You have more to do than a monk, but you aren't on the same tight constraint. Requires more management and less twitch. Where monk has many positionals requiring rear and flank striking, the Dragoon only has a few.


3. Ninja: The inbetween dual wielder. Fast, but not as fast as a fully buffed monk, hard hitting, but not quite as hard as the dragoon. While the Ninja doesn't worry quite as much about flank attacks and rear attacks as the first two melee, they have to manage "Hand Signs" which involves taking a pause from the fighting to performs hand gestures to activate their ninjitsu spells.


Ranged DPS Jobs:

1. Black Mage: The hard hitting immobile Nuker. This class cycles between waves of dealing incredibly high damage to periods of slow where you recover mana. As you get higher level, these slower periods diminish. You are the best in class AOE job in the game with incredible burst. You will never truly run out of mana or run out of steam.


2. Summoner: The pet and dot caster DPS. Whereas Black Mage is the nuker, the Summoner is the steady burn. But they do have their surprisingly powerful pocket nuke. More mobile, but requires pet management. Extremely efficient in small group aoe due to the ability to spread dots. They also have a lot of utility in a powerful debuff and combat rez.


3. Bard: The highly mobile ranged archer. Less DPS than the other damage focused classes but with much utility. They also have the most mobility and freedom. Their songs save healers who are low on mana, and dps / tanks who are low on TP. Certain attacks and your dots can proc reactive abilities that will center around your rotation. In the expansion they will have the option to forsake mobility for more damage.


Healer Jobs:

1. White Mage: The brute force healer. Heavy, hard hitting heals and regenerating spells. Most everything has a cast time, not having many instant heals is your weakness(to be fixed in the expansion). You can use your lesser heals near infinitely, but you are taxed by more costly, more potent heals that sometimes need to be used in an emergency. Very straight forward as far as healing goes.


2.Scholar: The Absorption / Pet Healer. Your heals are weaker than the white mage's, however they leave a potent damage absorbing shield on the recipient. You have two pet faeries that helps you heal. One focuses more on defense and healing, while the other is more utility for your dps. Your dots are also fairly effective as an off-dps when the group isn't taking a beating.


Tank Jobs:

1. Paladin: The Sword and Board mitigation tank. You are the king of lowering how much damage an enemy can deal to you. You have potent cooldowns that greatly reduce how much damage you take. You have to try a bit harder to snap aggro compared to your warrior cousin, but you will take hits like a champ compared to him over the long term. Prime main tank material.


2. Warrior: The berserking sponge wall of meat. You have the most HP out of anyone in the game and a beastly amount of threat generation, however you will always take more damage than the Paladin over a sustained period. You do bring great debuffs to the table increasing the damage the enemy takes while lowering the amount they can deal. You have amazing AOE aggro as well, and have to work a lot less than a paladin to maintain it. While the Paladin is the more stable tank as far as sustained mitigation goes, you still make just fine of a main tank.


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