Buy cheap ffxiv gil to get ready to patch 2.2

Game: Final Fantasy XIV
Time: 2014-03-20 02:10:30
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Supposedly, we're still on track to see patch 2.2 in March. Assuming later March, that would mean we're still on a roughly four-month schedule for updates to Final Fantasy XIV, which feels just a bit slow... especially since what we know right now about patch 2.2 is just a bit thin compared to what we knew about 2.1 at the equivalent point in time.



let's start looking at what patch 2.2 is going to mean and what we'll be getting.
1.More Coil
As mentioned, Coil is not really my thing, but it's good for those who want it. At this point players have been hitting the same parts of Coil for six months; the people who can clear this at totally appropriate challenge levels have done so. So four more turns are coming in, the old turns are being nerfed and stripped of their resets, and item level 90 has never looked so attainable.

2.More dungeons
Amdapor Township is coming, and it's going to be harder than Pharos Sirius. That could mean several things; I think the community dislike of Pharos has less to do with the numbers and more to do with mechanics, as I stated two weeks ago. The fact is that the Township needs to be tuned higher, since we're going to be walking in with better equipment and more experience. We're also getting two new hard modes: Halatali and Brayflox's Longstop.

3.More Leviathan
Leviathan is an interesting case to me because the big snake's loot table is going to be very problematic. There aren't many places to go with it. If he's going to be tuned any harder than King Mog, he needs to drop better weapons, but at the same time the next step up from Mog is Titan with his level 80 weapons.

4.More tomestones and More beast tribes
Based on concept art,Kobolds and Sahagin will get quests, we will get reputation, mounts will be had, yawn and yay. Yawn insofar as I've done this dance, but yay insofar as I really like the lore bits that accompany the tribe quests, and I look forward to learning more. Plus, more dyes and the like. That'll be fun.

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