Charming Final Fantasy 14 characters which one is ur favorite

Game: Final Fantasy XIV
Time: 2013-11-28 03:50:33
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"Final Fantasy 14" is a Japanese development of a MMORPG, that massively multiplayer online role-playing game, in mid-2010 worldwide PS3, XBOX and PC platforms on sale simultaneously, supports Japanese, English, French and German 4 languages. "Final Fantasy 14" full beyond "Final Fantasy 11" quality, represents a pinnacle of the Final Fantasy series, is a milestone in the online game.





There are many charming chars in the game , which one is ur favorite
1.Gun Warlock
Warlock is handed the gun to display their guns as the main weapon of the soldier. Good length advantages of the use of guns thrusting attack from outside the range of enemy attacks. Because by the powerful forces of urban national Yalamige (Allah Mhigo) pikemen impact, so before thrusting a spear to the mainstream. But now the gun has been integrated into a variety of different forms, depending on the species and can display colorful slash attacks or strikes. Long-distance battle with the javelin throw with a now quite popular.

2.Bow Warlock
Warlock is a bow and arrow bow as the main weapon of the soldier, good features full use of projectile weapons, attack the enemy from a distance or curved shot. To choose a favorable response to the enemy firing position and select the corresponding characteristics of the type of arrows and other tactical concept has considerable requirements. The most popular is the Yiaojieya Elf (Elezen) longbow archers are good at art and Orcs (Miqo'te) short bow hunter traditional surgery. In addition, while proficient stoning surgery a lot of people.

3.Kaji division
Kaji division are ways to produce weapons blacksmith metal props artisans, major props for the cross hammer. Can be forged sword in the studio, but also to the camp ground in the wild dagger, no matter what time and place can do business. Career can be traced back the origin of the ancient Bronze Age, including mentoring system since ancient times in an unbroken tradition since technology and the most advanced technologies, such as artillery, have now been mixed together, there are many different genres.

4.Conditioning Division
Conditioning division is proficient in French food ingredients and conditioning craftsman, major props for the pan. Adjustable sort cuisine with fire, water and other people's property to fill an empty stomach. Although it is already dedicated since prehistoric occupation, but until recent years began to print and publish the recipe and was recognized as the integration of technology. The western half thanks to discipline formerly known as gourmet cook and will ship in the ocean city country Sa (Limsa Lominsa) Admiral Xia Gege Ribadu

Tailors are proficient in textiles and tailoring clothes artisans, major props for the stitches. Can single-handedly collected fiber spinning, weaving yarn collection, collecting a series of fabric sewn clothes working fiber specialists. In addition to a variety of hobbies that people respond to outside research and for fashion is also important to reconcile work. Because of the relationship between occupational characteristics, so there are many tailors will believe the number of rotating spinning wheel weave human lifespan of Nepal goddess Mayer (Nymeia).

6.Leather processing division

Stitched leather processing division is to produce a tanned leather boots, belts and other leather craftsmen, major props for the leather knife. In addition to processing leather outside, buy some from hunting adventurers to bring back the fur and skin scales everyday leather material but also other kinds of work content. As the senior Elf esoteric leather tanning technology is now lifted, so the recent market for use leather to be processed into various products, demand also increases.

Alchemist is proficient craftsmen all minerals, fetish, curse thing, fetish, the main props for the distiller. To change the nature of the substance for the purpose, it can be made ??with the healing effect of nostrums or have toxic effects of drugs and other characteristics play different drugs. Until only recently constructed in Aiaojieya complete system and established technologies. In addition to nearly east incoming ancient Alchemy based outside, and a mix of dwarves (Lalafell) of herbal medicine and the Orcs occultism.


There are still many other chars like Conjurer, Enchanter, fisheries division and so on . no wonder there are so much players like this game , thatis so ineresting , so dear friend what is ur favorite char ?