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Game: Final Fantasy XIV
Time: 2015-10-17 13:20:58
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-A feedback from a customer
I am an old player in FFXIV. Not only for me but also my friends in game, buying FFXIV Gil is common. Of course, most of us are busy in working during daytime, we couldn’t play too late at night. It is very kind for us to buy FFXIV Gil directly. Now I will say something about FFXIV4GIL the site I choose.

In fact, the first time I bought FF14 Gil was not at FFXIV4GIL. I choose a site at Google at random. Oh god! It is a terrible experience for me. From paying for my order, I waited for my gil for a long long time till a late hour. Before paying my order, I really asked their Live Chat, they told me that I didn’t need to wait for long. But after delivery, it was very late, I also needed to go to work the next day. After that experience, I didn’t buy gil for long till a friend recommended me FFXIV4GIL.

It is very necessary for me to buy FFXIV Gil. I prefer to take all of the gaming time to farm in new dungeons. Before I bought gil at FFXIV4GIL, I searched it at some forums this time and many buyers said delivery at FFXIV4GIL was fast and safe. Then I contacted with their Live Chat.

Because of the terrible experience last time, I was watchful and paid more attention to the speed of delivery. I told the Live Chat to prove they have enough gil in store. They really showed a screenshot to me. After paying for my order, I got my gil in only 2 minutes. To my surprise, it was so fast, it was really so fast. Now I have bought gil from FFXIV4GIL for some times. Every time it is fast. I like FFXIV4GIL.

About the method of delivery, there are 4 methods at FFXIV4GIL as I know. I only choose the Face-to-Face delivery. Because it is fast and I don’t want to waste time in waiting for my gil ever. Of course, it is safe and I never get banned. If you like, you can try other methods, their Live Chat is kind to help you. What’s more, the Live Chat at FFXIV4GIL is 24/7 online.

For some players, they are curious about gil transaction. Gil buyers really exist just like me and my friends. Buying FFXIV Gil makes us play smoothly. Without doubt, some players hate FF14 Gil buyers and sellers. But it is common in most of MMOs, not only FFXIV.

As an old player in FFXIV and an old customer at FFXIV4GIL, I recommend FFXIV4GIL. It really never made me disappointed.