Come to have a look at the instructions of the realm reborn Marauder

Game: Final Fantasy XIV
Time: 2013-10-30 02:59:34
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As we know, Marauder is an unmatched and amusing class in Final Fantasy XIV. And the following that I want to tell you is mainly the class introduction of the Marauder.


It is a little difficult to describe what the Marauder is, because it’s something a bit different than normal MMO tanks. There is very little in the way of active mitigation. There is no shield block, most mitigation comes passively or through the various skills you’d naturally use.


You may want to play something a bit more active DPS. It was my first and still is my main class, and I’ve been happy, but things are a bit slower. Realm Reborn in that it’s a tank but doesn’t play like one.



 The guide is broken up into various headers, if you’re looking for specific information scroll down and examine the various headers. We’re going to go through skills, tactics, tanking tips, and more. If you just need one clear sentence for what the Marauder is, it is simply “a tank that plays like a DPS” in Final Fantasy XIV and help you require ffxiv gil.That means that damage mitigation is high and DPS is moderate and the class is perfect for those who don’t like to play risky.


If you don’t mind doing less damage than other classes, you’d want to play a Marauder but living longer and being a bit heartier. A good analogy is that Marauder is a great class if you want to attack enemies and not worry so much about dying, but take a bit longer to kill them.