Comments on the further Final Fantasy 14 new jobs

Game: Final Fantasy XIV
Time: 2013-11-11 03:24:41
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Along with the new things spring up, a great amount of opinions arrive, which are from the young to the old.In relation to the popular net game Final Fantasy 14,if new jobs were brought ,what else should we prepare.


Although it is not sure, but it would be great for Samurai and Ninja to be added when Musketeer will be added,adding them won't be so fast though cause there is a lot that goes with adding them.I think the classes that unlock them will add new ones, like Ronin and Assassin.


It seems that we should say no to EA and Ubisoft's online passes and say no to Capcom and Activision's scummy ways. Besides, say no to NISA's terrible and unfaithful localizations.Leveling GLA might be required, but Samurai and Ninja are going to use totally different type of swords.


It got me thinking: What will the pre-requisites be for the FFXIV new jobs that might be implemented in the future. In the future, I'd like to be a Dark Knight.I read earlier about Yoshi wanting to bring new jobs to FFXIV.


It's kind of like how Conjurer and Thaumaturge don't use the same type of wands.I think we need some new classes first before some jobs, thief being one of them. Though when it comes to jobs, I do expect to see dark knight, ninja and samurai.