contact with your Final Fantasy XIV friends

Game: Final Fantasy XIV
Time: 2013-08-23 10:05:23
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Despite my best efforts, I was unable to throw open the doors and start demonstrating the wonders in Final Fantasy XIV,in which you can use FFXIV Power leveling to the level you desire. That's a little more speculation than I want to lay on people in lieu of real playtime. (The short version is that it looks interesting, and yes, there's a cure in there.)

Instead, I'm going to offer some advice to my fellow players coming back into the game with older characters. Think of these not as strict guidelines but as suggestions, tips to make the path through beta and early access just a wee bit easier. I spent most of phase 3 preparing for the launch along these lines, and it might make the transition a bit more gentle for everyone.the following are the tips :
Start with the boring stuff
Pick up your utilities
Know your limitation
Think future