The Director Of Final Fantasy XIV: Coronavirus Pandemic Will Cause The Original Plans Delay

Game: Final Fantasy XIV
Time: 2020-04-16 14:33:51
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Final Fantasy XIV Settled Plan Got Delayed By Coronavirus

  Unfortunately, Final Fantasy 14 is going to face development delays because of the COVID-19 pandemic. The Director Naoki Yoshida has confirmed this sad news in a note to fans this morning. Right now, publisher Square Enix has its own teams working from home, and of course, that includes a lot of people who work on Final Fantasy XIV.

  Yoshida also writes "Here in Tokyo, where the Final Fantasy XIV team is located, sadly, a state of emergency has been declared, and what's worse, we have been ordered to take preventative measures to curb further spread of this kind of virus."

  Although this order has been released, the publisher Square Enix was still able to finish patch 5.25 for Final Fantasy XIV. However, Naoki Yoshida notes that the company got that done "by a narrow margin." Right now the company is putting 5.25 behind it, the future is much less certain.

  According to what Naoki Yoshida says that "FFXIV depends heavily on our development and also QA partners across the globe, and at this point, we must accept that the whole situation will significantly impact our development schedule.


  Here Is How COVID-19 Is Affecting Final Fantasy XIV's Development?

  Helpfully, the director Naoki Yoshida offered detailed reasoning for why this pandemic is so disruptive, And it's the very same issues that are wreaking havoc in lives across the whole world.

  As populations in Asia, Europe, and North America shelter in place, this is causing complications with getting important in-game content. Yoshida pointed out that studios in those countries might encounter delays in delivering art assets. And even if some companies can work from home, lockdowns are preventing actors from working in recording studios. What's worse, the quality-assurance group now is also missing significant members of its own staff.

  And then the publisher Square Enix's core Tokyo team is expecting delays as it adapts to working from home.

  "Though it's pretty obvious that Patch 5.3, which was planned for mid-June, will be delayed because of the above reason, at this time, we are not determined as to whether it will be feasible to limit the delay to just two or three weeks, or if it will be much closer to a month", writes Naoki Yoshida. "We are so sorry that the disappointed this might cause our players, because we know you look forward to new patches. But the real problem is, it's also important to prioritize the mental and physical health of our development team, cause you know, without them, we would never be able to launch the quality updates and features you expect just from Final Fantasy XIV. Therefore, we ask for your understanding as we adjust our schedule in accordance with this whole situation."

  On the other side, since the latest update of FFXIV will be delayed, now you have plenty of time to collect FFXIV Gil, moreover, you even can re-do the quests you have already finished to earn more latest rewards and sell them out and then to trade the stuff you need.

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