Do You Know The Significant Amount of Female Players In Final Fantasy XIV

Game: Final Fantasy XIV
Time: 2017-07-23 14:35:14
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In a recent interview, creative producer Yoshhi-Paka Naomi Yoshida Plaza Enix showed great disagreement between men and women in Final Fantasy XIV.


This ratio is 7: 3, which is good for men, although this number is 5: 5 on some Korean servers. As a reference, Yoshida said that other games are more biased for male players. He mentioned the following:

Monster Hunter Frontline Online - 9: 1

Dragon Magic Online - 8: 2

Fantasy Star 2 - 8: 2



By contrast, even the 7: 3 ratio of the entire world server is still impressive to include female players. However, Korea's 5: 5 is a staggering balance. The guitar is asking the reason that the game lacks nudity means that more female players are allowed to play the game.


In addition, a famous painter is famous in Korean works for his final fantasy XIV scene published in Instagram. Yoshida specifically mentioned that in South Korea to participate in the Convention, the Korean game of women clearly apparent.


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