Dragoon Job Changes In Final Fantasy XIV

Game: Final Fantasy XIV
Time: 2017-07-27 14:54:08
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Today, we will look at the recently deployed patch 4.05, which includes some changes to Dragoon Job and provide us with a summary of whether these changes are sufficient. For More FFXIV Guides, see ffxiv4gil.com, where provide safe Final Fantasy XIV Gil for sale.



Mirage Dive

• The animation lock on the Phantom submarine has been shortened to 4.05. This is a simple and enjoyable quality change.


Lance Mastery

• This feature has a potential of 70 points to improve the reward effectiveness of Wheeling Trust and Fang and Claw from 30 to 100. Extra DPS? of course. I'll take it.


Sonic Thrust

• Combinations of Sonic Thrust now extend the blood of the dragon for 10 seconds. It is an incredible welcome to change. Most Dragoons did not even try to keep the blood of the dragon because it was impractical, so it was a change that made a major change in the work.


Blood of the Dragon

• Increases the duration from 15 seconds to 20 seconds by 5 seconds There should be some room for dealing with the above phase conversion, but that's not enough.


Elusive Jump

• The cooling time of this capability is halved. It's a good quality of life change, but it's not super-influential. Elusive Jump can reduce the enemy (hatred) and reduce the cooling time, Dragoon may be the most popular career in the game, but this is not a game to change the rules of the game.