Easiest DPS Role to Play in FFXIV

Game: Final Fantasy XIV
Time: 2016-11-12 08:56:50
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DPS means the average amount of damage a weapon is capable of dealing per second. It is usually difficult to play with DPS role. What's easiest DPS role to play you think? In this article, some people's opinions are shown.


It is mainly attributed to the player. One person may dominate as a NIN, and another person playing the same class might find it difficult to get down the rotations and ninjitsu and totally avoid leveling it any further. And it is largely down to personal playstyle. For example,  Black Mage has a very simple rotation, but depends on situational awareness and knowledge of a fight to get the most out of it. Additionally, it can take a lot of forethought to keep your buffs active. Monk and Ninja are both very fast-paced with a large number of active skills to rotate through, while Dragoon is a little more relaxed and based around maintaining buffs through forethought. 


For some people, they think Bard is easy to play in a mediocre way but if you want to get good bard is not easy. Drop your dots once and there goes at ton of your dps. If you don't slam your bloodletter button continuously you lose a ton of dps. If you don't know why you're hitting a button you will probably lose a ton of dps. Bard is a super hectic job where you have to have control over a ton of different skills with different cooldowns that doesn't really line up with each other. You have to take decisions all the time. And then you also need to keep track of everyone's mana and tp bars and clean the warriors when they use berserk.


While some consider IMO is pretty easy to play at a mediocre level. You don't have to worry about dropping stacks or positioning or anything. It's also got the most mobility out of any class. The only hard part is using your cooldowns on cooldown, and getting rid of tunnelvision.


Someone else has other ideas that Monk is the easiest to play at a passable level. The dps rotation is not difficult. And they have formshift to help them preserve greased lightning during downtime.


Of course, there are still different voices to express that warrior is one of the easiest to play. So what's your opinion? Are you in favor the above mentioned dps roles or you have your different thoughts? You can share. By the way, if you are involved in the game, but to find you lack of FFXIV gil, you can go to our website to get with cheap price. And also we will help you solve your questions about your orders.