FAQ About Final Fantasy XIV :Heavensward

Game: Final Fantasy XIV
Time: 2015-04-09 03:43:14
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Here are many players have been wanting to play heavensward for a long time, and are thinking of joining it. But before do it ,they are still have many confusions.So now just check below :



Q:What's the combat like?
A:The combat works with the so-called Hotbar mode. You have your actions on the hotbar, you click on an enemy to target it, and press the hotkey or click the icon on your hotbar to cast the spell/do the attack. This triggers a cooldown in which period you cannon use that attack. Some attacks have a cooldown of mere seconds, other (more powerful ones) have longer cooldowns. Area of Effect spells that you, or the enemy cast, will display a bright orange circle on the floor, which gives you time to move out of the way.

Q:Is it still fun to play solo? I don't have many friends that play this?
A:A lot of things can be done while playing Solo. However, during the main story line there will be several points where you have to do a dungeon to proceed. These dungeons can't be done alone. But there is a useful group finding tool that you can enter. If you find a group this way, they get a message that someone in the group is new and if you ask, most players will be happy to guide you through it and help you learn your role.

Q:Is the community good?
A:Let me start by saying every game has vocal assholes, including this one. But my experience so far is that when you mention you're new in a dungeon and show willingness to learn, the people are friendly and supportive.

Q:How much is the sub fee, and if there is more than one option, which sub fee do you recommend using.?
A:I thought it was about 12-13 euro. You can either pay Square-enix or, if you bought the game from steam, can use your steam wallet to buy game time. I prefer to use Steam to buy my game-time, mostly because I don't have a Credit Card and Steam accepts other methods of payment that Square-enix doesn't.

Q:I've been talking with a few people about this game, and they think the subscription fee is a scam. They say that once you give them your credit card information, they won't stop taking money out of your account, even when you ask them. So my question here, is how is this game with STOPPING your sub fee, in the event that I want to stop playing.
A:A company as huge as Steam or Square-enix makes a lot more money from subscriptions and puchases of loyal customers then from credit card theft. In fact, as I recall, once you buy game time for a month, you get a warning near the end of the month that you're time is running out, and if you do not renew your payment you can't play. So they don't automaticly re-charge you for a new month, you have to do that yourself. This means that if you no longer want/or can pay for the game, you simply don't and your subscription is ended. Once you do want to play again, you just buy game time again and you're ready to roll for another month.

Q:Another problem I had with this, is the subscription fee in US dollars? Because I don't have much money left right now, and if it is, I won't be able to play.
A:As far as I know, if you buy the game from a EU country it's in euro's and if it's from the US you pay in dollars.

Both steam and square-enix are big legit companies and will only take your money if you offer it for their service. If you don't pay, you don't get to play, but it's you who decides when you pay.