FATE(full active time event) Overview for FFXIV Newbie

Game: Final Fantasy XIV
Time: 2015-12-09 05:19:40
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FATE (Full Active Time Event) battles are encounters on the map that happen every so often as you venture throughout Eorzea in Final Fantasy XIV. These events allow players to get extra experience, more than just cheap FFXIV Gil, and other bonuses by helping out. Most FATEs will require players to do battle with large mobs of enemies, or fight one extremely powerful boss. Rewards vary depending on level, with some big FATEs even going so far as to reward unique, event-exclusive items!

Types of FATEs :
Monster FATES require the players to defeat mobs of monsters. You can identify these FATEs up as icons with two crossed swords. Final Fantasy XIV fans can increase their rating by tagging or first hitting monsters, doing damage to the monsters and healing and reviving fallen players. To obtain participation for a monster slain, players need to get on the aggro table for that monster when it is slain. The easiest way to achieve Gold Medal rating is by tagging monsters with instant cast spells, damage them with AoE abilities, gaining enmity for multiple mobs and healing players with high animosity.

Boss FATEs
Boss FATEs require FFXIV fans to defeat one large and powerful boss monster. On your map, they show up as icons with monster maw. Players can increase their rating by doing damage to the boss, tanking hits from the boss and healing other players. Players do not gain participation by creating enmity, instead they gain rating by tanking the boss’ attacks. Simply tanking a hit, regardless of whether you dodge, parry or take damage from it, gives you the same level of contribution. Just ensure that you’re always prepared before entering a boss instance when you buy FFXIV Gil!

Collecting FATEs
Collect FATEs require the players to collect and turn in special items. On your map, they show up as bag icons along with a small bag that indicate the location of the FATE NPC. Players can increase their rating by turning in collectibles before the timer hits 0. Players can easily obtain the Gold Medal rating by picking up the FATE items on the ground and handing them to the FATE NPC.

Defending FATEs
In these FATEs, FFXIV fans have to defend certain objects from destruction for a specified amount of time. Waves of enemies will attempt to destroy these objects and players must defeat them. If the objects are destroyed, players fail the FATE.

Escorting FATEs
In these FATEs, FFXIV fans need to escort an NPC or multiple NPCs from one place to another. The NPC will travel from point A to point B, players must defend her from incoming monsters. If the NPC is killed, players fail the FATE. Note that the HP of NPCs will regenerate outside of combat.