FFXIV & Red Mages And Samurai: Both Of The New Jobs Are DPS

Game: Final Fantasy XIV
Time: 2017-08-13 08:50:08
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In Final Fantasy XIV, Red Mage and Samurai, both of the new jobs are DPS. To be honest, one's melee and other is ranged, hence, at least, some diversity there. Red Mage, both because it looks to be the flashier of the two and because it’s the one that’s a lot more renowned in Final Fantasy history. 



Traditionally, Red Mages are a kind of jack-of-all-trades, capable of using both white and black magic, while also having some melee fighting capabilities and without being as squishy as other mages. The downside is that they’re much less effective at everything than classes that are dedicated to these things: in earlier Final Fantasy games they’re incapable of learning the most powerful spells, and are obviously less effective in close-quarters than a dedicated fighter.


The other new Job in Stormblood is the Samurai, who are inevitably going to be super-popular because oh my god katanas so cool. The Samurai has two little neat quirks: Sen, and Kenki. Kenki is a gauge that builds up as you strike, and can be expended for powerful buffs and attacks – like Hissatsu: Kaiten, which costs 20 Kenki but increases the potency of your next weapon skill by 150%. 


Above mentioned details on Final Fantasy XIV's two jobs, for more details and update, highly recommend visit here. More changes are afoot, welcome to FFXIV4GIL. Final Fantasy XIV has now more than 10 million players worldwide on PS4 and PC. Especially the expansion Stormblood helped to enlarge the user base world-wide. But mainly the success of Final Fantasy XIV is based on the fact that the title is so robust and stable, so eagerly fed with new content.