FFXIV Adds New Blue Mage Job, Quests and More in 4.5 Patch Notes Update

Game: Final Fantasy XIV
Time: 2019-01-12 17:08:05
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FFXIV 4.5 Patch


A new Final Fantasy XIV 4.5 patch is upon us, which brings a staggering amount of new content and adjustments to the game. 


A massive new Final Fantasy XIV 4.5 update dropped Monday morning. Dubbed "A Requiem For Heroes," the update brings a ton of new content material, including many different new quests, added housing furnishings and customizations, new games added to the Manderville Golden Saucer and a lot far more. 



One change of particular interest adds a brand new blue mage job to the Battle Program. This is the first restricted job the game has observed as a result far. The update also adds the final chapters in the For Lords saga and Return to Ivalice. Right here is a fast breakdown along with the highlights, but if you would like the complete detailed reports, check out the full patch notes here.


Five new main story quests

New dungeon 'Ghimlyt Dark' – iLevel 360

The Four Lords side story receives two new quests

New Trial 'The Wreath of Snakes' – iLevel 365

Also includes an Extreme version – iLevel 380

Return to Ivalice picks up five new quests

Alongside a new 24-player Alliance Raid 'Orbonne Monastery' – iLevel 365

One new side quest 'A Lone Wolf No More' (Need all Kamuy mounts)

Blue Mage Job added with eight quests up to level 50

Buffs to White Mage, Monk, and Machinist

New Custom Deliveries quests in Idyllshire

Zhoe Aliapho & M'naago custom deliveries have increased rewards

Adjustments have been made in the UI to prepare for the World Visit system

Eureka Pagos Crystals buffed when defeating a notorious monster (along with its requirements)

Two new Gold Saucer mini-games (Mahjong and Air Force One)

Adjustments have been made to the scheduling of Gates

New Golden Saucer Prizes (looks like a giant Cactuar mount)

Exchange Allagan tomestones of mendacity for material to raise your 380 gear to 390

You can exchange Poetics for VI materia of war and magic in Idyllshire

Adventurer Squadron Command Missions two new dungeons added

Weekly Omega: Alphascape rewards restrictions removed (except for Crystalloids)

Crystalloid exchange reduced from 7 to 4

PVP Buffs for Paladin, Warrior, Dark Knight, Dragoon, Ninja, Summoner, Scholar, Astrologian

Tanks and melee DPS take 30% more damage and deal 15% more in Frontlines

Tanks and melee DPS take 20% less damage and deal 10% more in Rival Wings

Luna & Euphonious Kamuy Fife drop rate reduced

New Mounts

More mounts are removed from the no-fly list

New Chocobo Barding

New minions

New gathering points and fish

New emote, hairstyles and recipes

Company Workshop crafting items, along with new voyages

New Housing Furnishings

Lalafell & Roegadyn mannequins available

Various other adjustments to rewards in Treasure Hunt, dungeons, etc.

Server backup function in beta on PS4 version


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