FFXIV As A World Of Over 10 Million Cumulative Inhabitants

Game: Final Fantasy XIV
Time: 2017-08-10 16:31:31
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Final Fantasy XIV has passed 10 million players, even if this number isn't necessarily as big as it sounds. For 10 million players, including free trial accounts that have never spent any money or played beyond their trial month. But, that's still a big number. To put it into some perspective, that's more than the population of Scotland and Wales combined. 



Recently, Final Fantasy XIV's expansion which simplified the way class specific abilities were shown with a new visual system — it seems a lot of new people have picked up and jumped on board with Final Fantasy XIV. However, Final Fantasy XIV has a world of over 10 million cumulative inhabitants which is probably a mix between the shift to a semi free to play model and the consistent updates, events and content for players.


Final Fantasy XIV: Stormblood and further brings new content to the game with two new character jobs, an increased level cap and a new narrative for players to explore which takes them to new locations. Content patches after the launch also included high-level raids, existing job enhancements and some new features.


The start of the Final Fantasy XIV summer event, what this means is that there's a new host of emotes and clothes up for grabs. Having being said, how to get the Moonfire Faire clothes for this event? More guides and details, welcome to visit website