FFXIV Chocobo Guide:The Basic of Chocobo Breeding

Game: Final Fantasy XIV
Time: 2015-11-04 18:16:29
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One of the best things in the whole Chocobo system of Final Fantasy is that you will be able to breed your best Chocobos for even better ones. Today’s guide will cover the basics of Chocobo breeding for FFXIV Gil hunters who are new to this unique feature of the game. Learn more about it in the article below!

Like Sire Like Fledgling Quest
After acquiring your first Chocobo, you should participate in a lot of races until you level up and reach Rank 40 (this is a must!), if you want to start raising your own Chocobo babies. Upon reaching the Rank 40, a quest icon should appear above the Chocobokeep in Chocobo Square. Accept the quest, Like Sire Like Fledgling, from the NPC standing to the right of the desk who’s wearing a Chocobo suit. Simply follow the quest and it will lead you to the Bentbranch Meadows in Central Shroud. Speak to the Chocobo Breeder there and the quest will conclude, allowing you to begin breeding.

Breeding a Chocobo Guide
Speak to her again and select Chocobo Covering, and drop your Retired Chocobo Registration form and your Covering Permission in the two appropriate slots. There’s a cheap FFXIV Gil fee to start the breeding before you are able to start the process. Starting the process will give you an item called a Proof of Covering. You’ll need to turn this in to get the baby Chocobo later. If you look at its tooltip, you’ll see a date and time; this is the time when you’ll be able to collect your baby Chocobo and start racing it. The time will always be exactly six real-time hours after the point when you started the process.

Until it completes, you can’t race unless you want to get another chocobo when you buy FFXIV Gil from the nearby Feathertrader. Once the time expired, you can get your baby Chocobo from the same NPC you talked to, using the Fledgling Adoption dialogue option. After you’ve collected your baby Chocobo, the Proof of Covering in your inventory will turn into a Fledgling Chocobo Registration Form. Take it back to the Race Chocobo Trainer in Chocobo Square and select the Race Chocobo Registration dialogue option. You’ll be prompted to name your new Chocobo like you named your first one.

Colorful Chocobos
Note that the baby Chocobo will inherit one of its parents’ colors randomly. There’s a 50% chance that your new baby Chocobo will be a different color, and a 50% chance it’ll be the default color like your first one. Every time you buy a Covering Permission, a random color for the breeding stock Chocobo will be rolled. If there’s a certain color you want, make sure to consider your first Chocobos’ colors. Certain feeds determine the Chocobo’s colors after all, so you might want to look up on that.

Better and Better Chocobos
Open your race Chocobo window now that you have registered your new Chocobo and you’ll notice that its attribute maximums are higher than your first Chocobo’s. This is why Final Fantasy XIV Gil hunters breed at all—through breeding, you get better Chocobos, even better than the first ones you’ve worked so hard to rank up for. Though there is some randomness in your rank-up attribute gains, all attribute gains you receive, both from rank-ups and from training your Chocobos with feed, are proportional to your maximums. Your starting Chocobo had attribute maximums consisting of straight 100s; therefore, if your new baby Chocobo has an attribute that has a 140 maximum, you will on average gain 1.4 points for every 1 point your starting Chocobo gained.

Once you get to Rank 40 on your new Chocobo, that attribute will be on average 40% higher than it was on your starting Chocobo. This means that they can have attribute maximums of up to 500. Your bred Chocobos will only keep getting better and better, up to several notches higher than your first ones, and you’ll also be able to ascend into progressively higher classes, earning more and more MGP the higher you go. So don’t be afraid to experiment on Chocobo breeding until you get the best babies, fully optimized for racing! It’ll help you a lot!