FFXIV Discussion:What kinds of changes and improvements would make FFXIV more enjoyable

Game: Final Fantasy XIV
Time: 2016-01-13 13:13:21
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As the title says,What kinds of changes and improvements would make FFXIV more enjoyable? We ffxiv4gil made a discussion among our customers ,Following are the answer list:

PsycoMouse :One change I would like that will never happen is more difficult content out simultaneously. I know we will never get crushing difficult content again because of Savage backlash, and multiple raids won't happen either, but I'd love to be fighting multiple world ending threats each week. It would feel awesome if there were like three raid dungeons for the individual warring triads. I mean only like maybe 2 bosses per, but 3 environments, different musical composition for each triad, then split into 3 tiers so you have normal progression feel, leading up to third tier of big boss then the triad. Since its 2 bosses to, you could maybe add some cool trash pulls.

Conagh:Give Set bonuses or specific traits to gear and move to a more "Side Graded System" this allows you to bring out new content, but some older gear may still be best in slot thanks to Trait or bonuses i.e. 2% chance for spells to cost 0 MP (more healer focused). Something that increases proc rate or gives a free stack as a %. I find having varied Mid/high tier content with Lockouts isn't bad if you can do 3 different raid types, which different tiers (So Alexander Savage is one Type but has 4 tiers). It gives more focus on Statics and the opportunity for people to get better using mid Tier content. Also make the Hall or Noob when it comes out a Mandatory Check to complete with actual DPS checks to meet for the casual DPS who suck so hard or those Paladin's who used to spam Rage of Halone (Not the combo, just the move).

Its not locking people out it, ensuring they can play the class they chose. Something akin to Maat fights out of FFXI but perhaps not quiet as brutal (although some classes had it so easy)

RaelLevynfang:More character customization (hairstyles, body sliders, face styles, etc.)
Ability to use poses/stances from the opposite gender.
The ability to dye starter gear and wear starter gear from other races.
Remove some glamour restrictions:

1).Wear gear from crafting classes
2).Remove level restriction for glamoured gear. (ability to glamour high level armor to low-level gear)

Nestama-Eynfoetsyn:More midcore PvE content, to be honest. Or more content around un-nerfed Second Coil's difficulty.

IMDSound:I have a Vita and would very much want to just play in bed with remote play but mapping R2/L2 and R3/L3 to the back touchscreen is atrocious (just like any other game who does it) and I wish they could just be mapped to the corners of the front touch screen like other games.

Stragolore :Guild Wars 2 storage, wardrobe and server set up (not down for patches, cross server friends and guilds)
NPC party members so I will be able to level alternative jobs without waiting an hour.
Enforced item level sync to ten levels above dropped gear to ensure challenge is consistent.
24 Man roulette.

What kinds of changes and improvements would make FFXIV more enjoyable for you ? Share your ideas here .