FFXIV Endwalker: All Aether Currents on Elpis

Game: Final Fantasy XIV
Time: 2021-12-14 03:16:04
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FFXIV Endwalker: All Aether Currents on Elpis


Elpis is one of the last maps introduced with Final Fantasy XIV's latest expansion, Endwalker. To fly in this game, you will need to get Aether Currents all over the map and do a few quests. In this guide, we'll focus on all FFXIV Endwalker Aether Current locations and how to get them:

All Aether Currents on Elpis

    • Propylaion
    • First Bloom
    • Anagnorisis
    • The Twelve Wonders
    • Noetophoreon
    • The Cthonic Horns
    • The Mourning Dew
    • Lethe
    • Notoneus
    • Southerly Zephyrneus
    • Poieten Oikos
    • Peripeteia Krystalline
    • Metabaseos Thalassai
    • Northerly Zephyrneus
    • Southerly Boreneus
    • The Hungering Gardens
    • Euroneus
    • Easterly Boreneus
    • Ktisis Hyperboreia

Aether Currents in Elpis Map

The Aether Currents are easily unlocked on this map since all of them are relatively near the areas you'll need to venture to when completing the Main Scenario's quests. If you're looking for the exact locations of each aether current, the coordinates are below:

1). This Aether Current is on the northern island of the map at X: 13.4, Y: 7.6. The Main Scenario will lead you near here in due time.

2). This one will practically be on your map. You'll have to head a bit north when you unlock the island in question, at X: 16.3, Y: 20.6.

3). This one will be on the south part of the western island, around X:9, Y: 24.

4). You'll have to wander further from your quests to reach this current, at X: 13.6, Y: 15.5.

5). This one won't be far from the last area you'll unlock with an Aetheryte, at X: 6.2, Y: 19.2.

6). This current will cause you no trouble. It can be found at X: 6.3, Y: 29.7.

7). You'll be able to reach this one in the second area with an Aetheryte, at X: 11.7, Y: 31.2.

8). This current is at X: 24.5, Y: 21.4.

9). This current will be near the Main Scenario quest "The Greatest Contribution" at X: 34.0, Y: 23.6.

10). You'll have to wander off your path for this current, at X: 18.5, Y: 32.4.

Aether Current Quests

Finally, a few aether currents are only unlocked via quests. When those quests unlock and where you pick them up is listed below.

1). Quest – "Touring Anagnorisis, Part I" – Anagnorisis (Available After "Their Greatest Contribution").

2). Quest – "You and the Ailouros" – The Twelve Wonders (Available After "Aether to Aether").

3). Quest – "The Perks of Being a Lost Flower" – Kallimelios Zephyros (Available After "A Flower Upon Your Return").

4). Quest – "An Expected Guest" – Kallimelios Zephyros (Available After "A Flower Upon Your Return").

5). Quest – "Caging the Messenger" – Misopses Euros (Available After "Follow, Wander, Stumble, Listen").

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