FFXIV: Fastest Way to Get Eurekan Relic Weapons

Game: Final Fantasy XIV
Time: 2021-09-23 05:40:43
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The latest addition to Final Fantasy XIV patch 4.25 is the new set of Eureka Anemos gear, which includes the new relic weapon. It is a special legendary equips in Final Fantasy XIV. But how to get them quickly?

Here are all the steps and how to get Eurekan relic weapons faster.


FFXIV: Fastest Way to Get Eurekan Relic Weapons

Get the Anemos weapon

The first step will be to complete the Anemos map, the first one of Eureka. You'll need to exchange all the Anemos Crystals you get by defeating Notorious Monsters for Protean Crystals and use them to create and upgrade your Antiquated weapon by speaking to Gerolt. The fastest way to gain experience in Eureka maps is to complete the challenge log and Notorious Monsters.

As soon as you reach level elemental 19, go in Anemos during the night and help the other players to spawn and defeat Pazuzu, the Monster that rewards three Feathers for eliminating it. Those are required to upgrade the +2 into Anemos. It's also possible to trade crystals for the feathers, but the FATE is worth the XP earned.

Get the Elemental weapon

When you hit level 18, you'll be able to head to Pagos upon completing Krile's quests. It's recommended to wait until level 20 because the mobs hit hard in this area. It'll be pretty much the same process as in Anemos: there will be Pagos crystals to earn by eliminating Notorious Monsters to upgrade your relic weapon.

Except for this time, you'll also need Pagos Crystals on top of Frosted ones. Those are earned by redeeming Crystals in the Forge. Make sure to do it when you have nine crystal yields because you won't carry more and will lose time. The final step will require five Louhi's Ices, and you'll need to kill Louhi three times to get enough of them. It's also possible to trade Pagos Crystals for Louhi.

Get the Pyros weapon

Once you hit level 35 and with the other Krile's questline completed, you'll be able to leave the tundra of Pagos and travel to the Pyros map. This time, you'll be able to enhance your skills with Logos actions, similar to Bozja's Lost Actions, allowing your character to tank, DPS, or resurrect regardless of their job.

Otherwise, it'll be essentially the same process as in Anemos and Pagos: you'll need to upgrade your weapon twice with Crystals and five Penthesilea's Flames, earned upon completion of Penny's NM or trading with Crystals. You'll also be required to unlock a certain number of Lost Actions. The teleportation to Hydatos will be unlocked by reaching level 50.

Get the Eureka weapon

Hydatos will be the very last map of the questline. It'll feature the same mechanics as all of the previous maps, including two upgrades using Crystals and the last one using five Crystalline Scales. They can be earned by completing the Crystalline Provenance FATE.

It also includes the special FATE Baldesion Arsenal: Expedition Support, the toughest of all Eureka. On top of offering a good amount of crystals, it offers the Demi-Ozma mount and is also necessary to complete the last step of the Eurekan relic weapons.

Get the Physeos weapon

This last step requires several completions of the Baldesion Arsenal FATE. It's highly recommended to look up guides to learn the mechanics and avoid wipes. You'll have to reach the max Elemental level, which is set to 60, to complete it.

If you're doing it for the glamour, and there's a good chance it's the case since the best weapons in the game are now the Resistance relic weapons, the replicas can be purchased to Kugane's Staelhundr (7.8; 14.2).

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