FFXIV Fat Chocobo Soars in Heavensward

Game: Final Fantasy XIV
Time: 2015-05-09 05:35:30
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All across Eorzea, adventurers rush hither and tither atop a wide aray of mounts. Muscled horses ablaze with the flames of Ifrit, Magitek suits of armor, and fierce, winged Ahrimen carry their owners with relative ease. But some adventurers prefer to travel in style. Such adventurers summon to their sides the unsung hero of Final Fantasy XIV; the chubby Fat Chocobo who makes up what he lacks in physique with an unquestionable abundance of heart.


In the upcoming Final Fantasy XIV expansion, Heavensward, players will be able to take to the skies through the acquisition of flying mounts. It was previously announced that some old mounts, notably the Company Chocobo, would be able to take to the skies as well.

A few days ago, Naoki Yoshida celebrated his birthday sitting in his office, examining the final build of the Final Fantasy XIV expansion. Meanwhile, his Twitter became inundated with Birthday wishes from grateful fans.

The Fat Chocobo will be officially recognized for its efforts as it defies laws of both gravity and aerodynamics when the expansion comes out this June.