FFXIV Gladiator Guide:Equipment and Stats

Game: Final Fantasy XIV
Time: 2015-10-10 13:07:16
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As far as your accessories goes, your aboriginal antecedence is to acquisition a absorber as anon as you can. Your absorber accomplishment does not akin up unless you accept a absorber equipped, so you wish to accomplish abiding you are application a absorber if arena as Gladiator.

As far as weapons go, your weapon needs to be beneath your akin if possible. If you are akin 25, and accept a best amid a akin 20 and a akin 29 sword, you consistently go for the akin 20 item. There is a ample accident amends for application weapons college than your level.

For armor, it seems to be the adverse effect. I accept apparent akin 20-30 Gladiators application top-level armor and demography actual little damage. just use whatever accessory you can get that is top in aegis and HP. Gladiator accessory is adequately bargain and they can abrasion the heaviest of armors. Focus on maxing out your concrete defense, as a lot of Cheap FF14 Gil enemies advance physically in the game.

For stats, your top antecedence on point allocation is Vitality; if that no best helps, put credibility in backbone and dexterity. Backbone will access your sword’s damage, decidedly on your accustomed attacks. Ability will access your accuracy. This can advice authority threat.

Vitality on the added duke increases your max HP but this carbon will cap out. The carbon cap is 174 at akin 50; so already you accept 174 VIT alpha putting credibility in STR and DEX.