FFXIV Guide - 4 Tips for New Adventurers Jumping into the Game

Game: Final Fantasy XIV
Time: 2018-11-14 11:01:58
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Final Fantasy XIV, an incredibly popular online role-playing game for Microsoft Windows personal computers, is the fourteenth entry inside the major Final Fantasy series as well as the second MMORPG inside the series right after Final Fantasy XI. If you're reading this, chances are you happen to be a newcomer who has taken interest within the game and desires to know what it requires to accomplish effectively. So now, let's dive into this guide.


FFXIV New Adventurers Guide


NO.1 Picking a class


This one I would not pressure more than a lot due to the fact, unlike most MMOs you may switch classes and professions at no penalty. You can be level 70 anything if you so want. As for the first class just choose the one that appears exciting to you. Once you hit level 15 within a function type ( DPS/Tank/Healer ) you unlock Novice training. These could be discovered using a big green icon over their head. 


I strongly suggest you finish their training once it opens up simply because they'll offer you a ring that grants 30% more XP for all classes under level 30. Not just this but they will teach you tips on how to function in your function when in groups. 



NO.2 Fundamental leveling


Story Progress would be the strategy to go even though doing some early leveling due to the fact not simply will they give more than side quests but when you attain essential points you are going to unlock added items like Grand/Free Companies, Retainers ( Basically your bank ), mounts, etc. You'll know it can be the story or class progression quests when the icon appears like golden fire.


In between doing Story/Class quests you may notice blue circles or purple icons around the map. They are named Fates and can grant more XP and Ffxiv gil upon completion. Depending on the contribution you might be granted bronze/silver/or gold which will reflect just how much you get. The purple ones are triggered Fates that activate after you agree towards the quest. On occasion, you can need to "Level sync". This signifies that you are over leveled for the fate but can still participate with other folks when you sync your level down. The far more folks participating in a single fate, the tougher it hits as well as the much more HP it can have. There are some fates which will require either a very robust duo or at the extremely least a 4/8 man team. You may know you are in certainly one of these fates since it will play a great deal unique music.


NO.3 Dungeons and Roulettes


Once you have unlocked your 3rd dungeon and have completed it you can have also unlocked Day-to-day Roulettes. At first, you will begin with Leveling and Guildhests roulettes however they will increase to more roulettes as you level and progress by means of the story. After you are about to pick a roulette it is possible to see an "Adventurer in need" which will say which part is hugely needed at that time. It really ordinarily tanks and at times healer. Seldom is it ever DPS. Being Adventurer in Have to have will grant however yet another bonus of XP/Gil/Seals at the end of the mission.


NO.4 Job Gaps Plus the XP Gains it Brings


To assist person level various jobs quickly devoid of it feeling like a lot of a grind there will probably be bonuses to XP if there is a gap in between your highest level job for the job you're now. Such an example is if I have a level 30 WHM, a 26 Rogue and I switch to a level one Archer...I'll get a 100% to enhance in XP till I get even together with the WHM. The 26 Rogue may also possess the similar bonus until it matches the WHM. This bonus STACKS with other bonuses. If you have that ring I described earlier, Rest XP, Food XP, and are in an FC that is certainly currently utilizing an XP boost....you'll conveniently be leveling rapidly.