FFXIV Guide:Get GysahlGreens to better arm your Chocobo

Game: Final Fantasy XIV
Time: 2014-05-19 11:21:38
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As FFXIV fans all know,A strong chocobo can be Tank or DPS in fight.The last time we talked about how to get Chocobo, today we will get to the updated Chocobo, Chocobo played!

First of all, your character has to reach level 30 at least and go to accept the quest South Shroud.

According to the quest guide, you get to the Central Shroud and Talk to Luquelot. The NPC character will tells you what to do.Gathering Gysahl Greens and come back to the Central Shroud. You can feed your chocobo with Gysahl Greens.Then Ride your mount to slay three monsters. The quest is completed.

You can open the “Character” and decide where you want to place your chocobo.Look at your “Companions”.

What a excellent mount! The last but not the least The chocobo can fight for 30 minutes. And you need have enough Gysahl Greens to make it accompany you.U can buy Gysahl Greensi in the following 3 main cities.
1.The Limsa Lominsa
2.The Ul’dah
3.The Gridania