FFXIV Guide:The Shadow of Mhach:Void Ark

Game: Final Fantasy XIV
Time: 2015-12-24 13:16:28
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Happy new year! Welcome to FFXIV4GIL walkthrough series.Today’s guide will cover the Void Ark in Final Fantasy XIV, unlocking the zone itself, bosses, secrets, tips, and loot you can get during your run. Find out more in the article below!

Unlocking Void Ark
Before anything else, you must first unlock Void Ark. This is done via the quest chain Sky Pirates, found in the Pillars. Talk to the NPC named Unquiet Trader. The nearest Aethernet would be Athenaeum Astrologicum. The only pre-requisite to unlocking this zone is to beat the main story quest, Heavensward.

Void Ark is a 24-player raid that drops Level 200 gear which you can either use for yourself or sell for a generous amount of Final Fantasy XIV Gil, and an item you can trade in for Illuminati Gobcoat and Illuminati Gobtwine. As with any 24-player raid, the key to survival is avoiding any shiny AoE you see. Another useful tip is to always focus target the boss, so you will know if it’s casting something potentially deadly.

Void Ark 1st Boss: Stingray (Cetus)
Make sure you’re well-geared when you buy cheap FFXIV Gil before heading off to Void Ark. Pay attention to the adds! Have a line AoE that you can reduce by walking towards it. The boss travels from his current location to the marked FFXIV Gil hunter, while dropping water bombs with a large AoE. If you’re the target, try to make the least hassling path for the group. Don’t stress, the dive bomb is really slow. After some dive bombs he will land at a certain place, wherein the safe spot is right around him. Don’t be too far from him. If you’re drowning, hit the nearest water ball near you. People inside can’t help people outside and vice versa. It’s a mini DPS check.

Void Ark 2nd boss: Dog and Pole (Sawtooth & Irminsul)
Tank the two bosses away from each other. The pole pulses periodically (purple AoE). If it hits the dog, it gains a permanent damage+ buff. At 16 stacks, it will begin one-shotting people. After a short time each of them gains a certain buff: One will always be immune to magic, one will always be immune ranged. Melee can hit anything. BRD/MCH has to hit the magic immune guy. Casters / Healer has to hit the “immune to ranged”. Mucus tethers a bunch of people together, rendering them useless. Breaking these chains is easy – simply cut it by walking across them! The muddy AoE is a grey bubbling AoE spawns randomly, and also spawns wherever adds die. While the damage isn’t really noteworthy – if enough people get hit, the boss goes into enrage mode that will probably wipe the party shortly after.