FFXIV Guide to Choose a Preferable Job

Game: Final Fantasy XIV
Time: 2016-11-25 01:53:04
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If you are looking for a job to pursue, then this page will guide you to choose a job you might prefer, like the jobs with flashy skill moves, viability and an element of challenge.


First of all, all jobs are viable, but a lot of static raid groups try to get specific jobs for optimal compositions. For example, PLD is perfectly viable and has the best toolset for keeping themselves alive (as well as some utility to assist the healers, with a party shield and large single target heal) among all tanks but that comes at the cost of lower dps, so a lot of statics prefer to go with DRK/WAR.


FFXIV job guide


Flashy moves eliminates most physical attacks, so NIN, DRG, MCH, and BRD are out from that. That's not to say they don't have anything flashy, but you won't see nearly as many big effects as on BLM. Even SMN doesn't get much because a lot of their damage primarily comes from single target dots.


For the element of challenge, below are jobs with specifications you can choose:


  • PLD's "challenge": is just really just keeping up good cooldown timings, especially Sheltron to autoblock (most) tank busters, which is an incredibly powerful ability to have.
  • DRK's challenge: is the MP maintenance to keep darkside active while also using it to empower specific skills at times or do your aoe aggro skill.
  • WAR's challenge: is keeping up some buffs for the party (as part of their rotation) and also using their defiance/deliverance stacks correctly.


DPS challenge is always proper positioning and maintaining self buffs as mentioned, but aside from those:


  • MNK: Lots of positionals for their rotation, building up a skill stack to use a powerful attack or TP regeneration.
  • DRG: Long rotation cycle tied in with maintaining and using your Blood of the Dragon timer for powerful hits.
  • NIN: A couple of positionals but their big thing is the ninjutsu skills, which have you memorize button inputs to actually cast.
  • BLM: Maintaining a proper rotation so you don't screw yourself on MP. Do it correctly and you can cast infinitely, fuck up and you suffer a huge dps loss. They also need to maintain Enochian with the proper casts (Blizzard 4) so that they're able to even use the Bliz/Fire 4 skills.
  • SMN: Keeping an eye on dot timers to refresh them properly, pet management, aetherflow management and usage to allow their key skills to be used, including their trance.
  • MCH: Ammo management to guarantee skill procs and do additional damage. Without ammo their basic skill "combo" is kind of random due to being based off procs. They also have wildfire, a cd that forces you to play pretty much perfectly when in use to do the most damage possible with it.
  • BRD: Dot upkeep, party buffs when possible/needed, watching for procs. 


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