FFXIV Guide to collect Tomestones in patch 3.1 when u hit 60

Game: Final Fantasy XIV
Time: 2015-11-23 05:03:13
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Final Fantasy XIV new expansion, patch 3.1 has been available for some days, granting all players who hit level 60 to collect a currency that called Tomestones. Players might be overwhelmed having so many options all at once, so here FFXIV4GIL provides a guide simply gives you a reference list of what order to collect Tomestones for a streamlined process.

All resources to collect Tomestones at level 60 in ffxiv
In ffxiv patch 3.1, players who hit level 60 can gather equipment currency, Allagan Tomestones from dungeons and raids. Currently, there are three levels of tomestone: Poetics, Law, and Esoterics tomestones. Poetics are for i120 gear and are solely for level 50, which are largely irrelevant now that you’re level 60, so here we are talking about collecting Law and Esoterics Tomestones. Generally, you can enter four dungeons or do hunt to collect this currency.

1. The Fractal Continuum (contained within the Level 60 Dungeons Roulette): it is located in Azys Lla and features experimental enemies and requires item level 145. As rewards, you will get i160 gear (Valerian) drops, as well as Law and Esoterics tomestones.
2. Neverreap (contained within the Level 60 Dungeons Roulette): this dungeon has the same requirements and rewards as Fractal Continuum. You can enter it in the Sea of Clouds and encounter enemies including Vanu Vanu, wildlife, tornadoes, tornadoes, and two very stubborn giraffes.
3. Saint Mocianne’s Arboretum (contained within the Expert Roulette): Located in the Hinterlands, this dungeon features carnivorous flora, insects, and ambiguously gendered flytraps as enemies. It requires an item level of 170, drops i185 gear from chests, and rewards you with more Esoterics tomestones than the first two dungeons.
4. Pharos Sirius (Hard Mode, contained within the Expert Roulette): It is an upgraded version of a level 50 dungeon that continues the story of this haunted lighthouse, featuring enemies like kobolds, bombs, and curious disc creatures from another dimension. The rewards and requirements for this dungeon are the same as the Arboretum.

In addition to dungeons above, you can collect tomestones in another way – do hunt. Hunts are large monsters that pop on certain timers all around Eorzea. A rank hunts pop every few hours, and drop Law tomestones and Centurio Seals. S rank hunts pop every few days, and drop greater amounts of Law and Centurio seals. Seals can be used to buy upgrade items for your Law and Esoterics gear, as well as a mount and a few minions.

The priority steps to collect Tomestones in patch 3.1
1. Do the 60 Roulette dungeons firstly as they are easier to enter and to do at lower levels of gear.
2. As you accumulate Law, go to do hunts and pick up i170 Yasha equipment to increase your item level. The suggested purchasing order is: Weapon, Body/Legs, Left side pieces, and Right side pieces (weapons give the greatest output increase, left side pieces give main stat increases & extra health, while right side pieces only give main stat increases).
3. Buy Doman upgrade items with Law tomestones from Hismena, then speak to Seika in Idyllshire to upgrade the Yasha gear to Asuran gear, which is i180 and can be dyed. You can also purchase these upgrades with Centurio Seals, but that’s not recommended at all.
4. Start taking on the Expert Roulette dungeons when your average item level is 170, using the i185 pieces as upgrades when you can.

This is a priority order that may help you collect Tomestones much easier in FFXIV patch 3.1, and you can also deviate from this order if you feel like it, but it would be a solid way to go. Still, to make things easier, ff14 gil cheap and fast on FFXIV4GIL will be absolutely necessary.