FFXIV Guides: Why Should Everyone Try To Form A Static

Game: Final Fantasy XIV
Time: 2017-07-18 16:23:50
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Anyone who knows the ultimate fantasy XIV knows that the easiest way for Duty Finder to deal with is to find a static - FFXIV and its predecessor XI unique terminology, which is basically just a fancy term for a raid group.


Of course, it's easy to say that finding the eight like-minded people around the world is a challenge, let alone online video games, so I mostly avoided it. When I need me, I will often put my free company static in my static, otherwise I will be tortured by serious anxiety, I will join some people I do not know, and on my server Get a reputation for making him a bad player.



All along, there is a solution: start my own. But I also avoided, until now. Stormflood gave me the second wind, in terms of FFXIV, I learned over and over again love the game. Now we are starting a new series of attacks, I think I will give up, through my FC partners repeatedly urged.


A few weeks ago, my team started to play together, and now we kill Susa and Lakshmi in extreme mode (at least on the 18th of this month is the hardest battle of Stormblood), I think I can say that not only Just starting a static possibility - even if a continuous engineer like me, it is very useful.



However, as long as a group of eight people together is not the most difficult task. Duty Finder did it, it's just a stupid algorithm. The hardest part is to make sure you can get together and kill something that you do not want to kill each other at the end. A standard DF group will decompose after a single wipe, but at least they will never see each other again.


If you are as casual as many others, and you are looking for a way to make Stormblood a different experience with ARR and Heavensward, you can make your own static, even if you are only once every two seconds May not succeed, but you will not regret it. 18, Omega brutal open, may never have a better time.


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