FFXIV Heavensward Guide:The Thousand Maws of Toto-Rak (Extreme)

Game: Final Fantasy XIV
Time: 2015-11-28 13:09:18
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Welcome to ffxiv4gil guide for The Thousand Maws of Toto-Rak (Extreme). This is a relatively low level dungeon, but has some tricky mechanics that even the most seasoned of players will need to work together to overcome.

Phase 1: Refill The Party
After waiting for one hour in the DPS queue, you may find yourself in this dungeon with no tank, a White Mage, and an offline player. After waiting for a few minutes, I'd recommend voting to dismiss the offline player to ensure a tank can join if that's the role they happened to be filling. Shortly after, a DPS will likely join your party. In spite of being a tank down, melee DPS classes (which I was one of) are surprisingly quite good at tanking low level dungeons, as long as the healer heals you, so you can continue as normal.

Phase 2: Healer Doesn't Heal
This phase triggers when you encounter your first set of mobs. There's no way to predict it, and it will catch everyone off-guard. Instead of healing, the "healer" will follow you very closely, and occasionally use Stone on the enemy you're attacking. This will cause a wipe every time. The next part is very important. You need to open up the healer's search info and see what language he speaks, as well as what level their classes are to see what kind of guidance they might need.From here I recommend weaving the "Heal!" and "Cure" autotranslate phrases into your combat rotation whenever you take damage. If you want to be tryhard, you can also say the name of who you want to be healed. In spite of your instructions in chat, you still won't receive any heals, and you'll wipe a few more times. At this point the other DPS will leave and the dungeon goes back to half way through phase 1.

Phase 3 Part 1: Heals
This phase triggers when your party gets a new DPS. With plenty of time to mull over the autotranslated instructions you've been giving in chat, your healer has figured out how to occasionally heal you, instead of occasionally using Stone. You can now finally clear the mobs up to the first boss. They'll almost kill you every time, but fortunately as soon as the encounter ends, your healer will suddenly spam Cure on you to top you up ASAP, so you can move onto the next set.

Phase 3 Part 2: Single-Target Heals
Before getting to the first boss, a tank will finally join your party. Here's another mechanic that will catch the party off-guard the first time and cause a wipe. Your healer has learned to heal you, but only you. Even though you're on full HP the entire fight, and your tank is slowly dying, you'll continue to receive heals until everyone else is dead. Somehow your healer will figure out what went wrong this time, and will heal the tank next time, giving you a clear of the first boss, pushing into the next phase.

Phase 4 Part 1: Cleric Stance.
Unfortunately at this point the healer will figure out that Cleric Stance is an ability. This phase gets a little bit more complicated, because without speaking Japanese, you can't know exactly how the English phrases autotranslate into Japanese. Starting by autotranslating "Cleric Stance", you need to pair it up with one of the following: "Don't worry about it.", "Don't have it.", "Please ignore that.", "Please deactivate it.", or any other phrase you think might get the point across. Make sure you also autotranslate "Thank you." when they finally switch it off, but you'll have to get a little bit more frantic when they switch it on again 5 seconds later. Autotranslating "No thanks." here is optional. I'm not actually quite sure if that does anything. Fortunately, if your tank speaks Japanese like mine did, he'll help out with this mechanic and you'll get short bursts of Cleric Stance being switched off, allowing you to clear mobs a bit more easily.

Once you reach the second boss, you'll need to make a macro telling the healer who to heal, because there's a lot of poison that damages all party members. Mine looked like this: "Cure" <t> "Do it!" "Do it!" "Do it!" <se.1>. Whenever someone takes damage, just target them and press the macro once or twice. You wouldn't want them to think you're angry, so try not to spam it.

Phase 5: Final Boss Part 1
The final boss fight is heavily reliant on the macro usage. It will work to an extent, and you'll get half way through the fight, but the healer will forget to heal him/herself, run into the poison and die, causing a wipe.

Phase 6: Healer Gets Lost
After the first wipe, you'll all respawn and head back to the boss room. Along the way, the healer will take a wrong turn into one of the Thousand Maws' many bonus rooms. After he/she realises they've hit a dead end, they'll head back out, and mistakenly go the same direction they just came from. This may not necessarily be the hardest mechanic in this dungeon, but it certainly is the most despairing. After helplessly watching their little blue dot go further and further in the wrong direction on the map, you'll realise there are no autotranslate phrases that can tell them they're going the wrong way. Your party members will likely not have noticed yet, so the best you can do is <flag> their current position in chat and bring up Google Translate. Translating long phrases from Japanese to English doesn't seem to work very well, so I can't imagine it would go well the other way around, either. As such, I opted to translate the simple phrase of "wrong way" to copy and paste into chat, even throwing in a <se.1> to try and bring their attention to it. It's super ineffective. The next best thing you can do is address your Japanese-speaking tank, autotranslate "Please.", and then attach Google-translated "tell him". He'll say something in Japanese, run all the way through the dungeon to where the healer is, and slowly, but successfully, lead him back.

Phase 7: Final Boss Part 2
This is the final, and easiest phase. Everything you've done up to this point culminates in a relatively easy fight ("relatively" being the key word). You'll probably want to slow down on your DPS to avoid the chance of getting any aggro from the adds to make sure the healer has fewer party members to deal with. Direct his heals with the macro, and you've got yourself a win. It's okay to vent a little frustration in your own language. We're only human, after all. But do remember to say "Thank You." once you're finished.