FFXIV Heavensward Guide :Where to FATE Grind By Level

Game: Final Fantasy XIV
Time: 2015-07-27 13:57:51
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Ability to fly in zone
Job higher than the one you're leveling (Armory Bonus)



Areas to FATE Grind By Current Level
50-52 - Coerthas Western Highlands
53-57 - Churning Mists
57-59 - Dravanian Hinterlands

To further expand how fates work (many people still dont know):
for elite (single mob) or boss fates, aggro (healing aggro, dps aggro tank aggro) seems to be the key to success. (also to mention it, A/S ranks work this way too). so as a tank or healer, its possible to get more credit by using aggro (aoe healing) abilities then trying to just dps.

for collection fates, you need 6+ items for gold. (people seem to think its more)

for "kill the mob" fates, its based on number of kills you get (credit for the mob kill, which means either tagging the mob first, or doing enough damage on a claimed mob).

to further expand for leveling 2nd+ jobs (lv10/16+):

battle leves (think u can get them as low as lv10. at lv10-20 they are actually very good exp. past that, they are meh)

challenge log.
continue hunting log.
highest level can you can queue for dungeons ofcourse (best if done with +10% fc exp buff and food for +3% exp bonus, and rest bonus from logging out in towns for +50% exp)

guild hests (first time bonus for each job is very good)

duty roulettes (leveling, trials, guildhest are generally best ones. main story and high level roulette generally are bad exp/time)

you can accept 1/2/3 star daily hunts and complete them on a lv50+ class. some may be too hard to kill.

When not queuing for dungeon or in fate party, summon your chocobo! (takes some exp away, but makes it much faster and easier to kill things)

doing some of these (when fates are seeming slow or boring) will help still maximize exp.

How many kill the mob fates kills are needed to get gold?
depends on the fate unfortunately. (pretty sure if each specific type of fate has its own amount. ive not done "that" much testing on it. ive just leveled like every class to 50 on almost nothing but fates in 2.0 lol).some like the escort fates require the least amount of kills (generally a very few like 3-5, maybe less).