FFXIV: How to Unlock and Undo Glamour?

Game: Final Fantasy XIV
Time: 2022-07-28 09:39:05
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FFXIV: How to Unlock and Undo Glamour?


Anyone who has played it knows that one of the best parts about Final Fantasy XIV is glamour, but how do you unlock and remove glamour? Here is a guide on unlocking and undoing glamour in Final Fantasy XIV to solve this problem.

What is Glamour in Final Fantasy XIV?

To help refresh your memory, in Final Fantasy XIV, glamour is a type of custom-made outfit. The same is projected on top of the armor that you are currently wearing.

How to Unlock Glamour in FFXIV?

You need to be level 15 or higher to unlock Glamours by completing the following quests:

1). Go to Vesper Bay (Western Thanalan), just a ways away from the town of Horizon.

2). Once there, you should look for a Roegadyn woman named Swyrgeim. She should be sitting at one of the benches surrounding the giant Lalafell statue in the town center.

3). Swyrgeim has three appearance-related unlock quests: one for dyes, one for glamour, and one for crafting glamour prisms, which are consumable items used for glamour. Luckily, all three quests can be completed easily because Swyrgeim has one singular goal in life: to drink orange juice.

4). Swyrgeim will give you the dyeing quest first, so follow your quest journal, get Swyrgeim her much-desired orange juice, and complete the quest.

5). Then accept the next quest from her, "If I Had a Glamour." Completing this quest will allow you to begin glamouring your outfits, and Swyrgeim will happily provide you with a handy starting stack of glamour prisms.

6). If you want to craft your glamour prisms, switch to a Disciple of the Hand class level 15 or higher and pick up "Absolutely Glamourous" from Swyrgeim. Finish the quest to start unlocking glamour prism crafting in each crafting class.

7). Once you do this, you'll be able to use the Glamour skill found in the general tab of your actions and traits window.

How to Glamour in FFXIV?

To cast a Glamour, you need to:

1). Go to Actions & Traits.
2). Select the General tab.
3). Choose the 'Cast Glamour' option, and you will see a list that can be filtered.
4). Select the base item you want to transform, then the item you want to glamour it with.
5). Hit 'Cast' for the cost of one Glamour Prism.
6). Apply it, and your gear appearance will be transformed with whatever you choose.

How to Undo and Remove Glamour in FFXIV?

To remove glamour, you will need to get a Glamour Dispeller. From there, select the item in your character sheet/inventory, select Cast Glamour, then Remove. Select Dispel after confirming that a Glamour Dispeller will be used.

You can pick up a Dispeller from the Market Board and pay 500 FFXIV Gil. Here are a collection of different Glamour Dispeller vendors:

Rank Vendor Location Coordinates Cost
1 Amalj'aa Vendor Southern Thanalan (23.3, 14.1) 500 Gil
2 Amalj'aa Vendor Southern Thanalan (23.3, 14.1) 1 Steel Amalj'ok
3 Apartment Merchant Kobai Goten Apartment Lobby (6.1, 6) 500 Gil
4 Apartment Merchant Lily Hills Apartment Lobby (6.1, 6) 500 Gil
5 Apartment Merchant Sultana's Breath Apartment Lobby (6.1, 6) 500 Gil
6 Apartment Merchant Topmast Apartment Lobby (6.1, 6) 500 Gil
7 Bango Zango Limsa Lominsa Lower Decks (9.9, 11.4) 500 Gil
8 Flame Quartermaster Ul'dah - Steps of Nald (8.3, 9) 200 Flam Seals
9 Goberin Western Thanalan (12.1, 15) 500 Gil
10 Goushs Ooan The Tempest (33.2, 18) 6 Bicolor Gemstone
11 Halden Amh Araeng (10.6, 17.1) 6 Bicolor Gemstone
12 Independent Merchant Rhalgr's Reach (12.6, 11) 500 Gil
13 Ixali Vendor North Shroud (24.9, 22.7) 500 Gil
14 Junkmonger Ingleside Apartment Lobby (6.1, 5.9) 500 Gil
15 Kobold Vendor Outer La Noscea (21.6, 17.8) 500 Gil
16 Kobold Vendor Outer La Noscea (21.6, 17.8) 1 Titan Cobaltpiece
17 Maisenta New Gridania (11.5, 11.2) 500 Gil
18 Nacille The Rak'tika Greatwood (27.9, 18.2) 6 Bicolor Gemstone
19 Roarich Ul'dah - Steps of Nald (10.6, 9.5) 500 Gil
20 Sahagin Vendor Western La Noscea (16, 22) 500 Gil
21 Sahagin Vendor Western La Noscea (16, 22) Rainbowtide Psashp
22 Scrap Salvager Idyllshire (5.9, 7.3) 500 Gil
23 Serpet Quartermaster New Gridania (9.8, 11) 200 Serpent Seals
24 Siulmet Lakeland (35.5, 20.6) 500 Gil
25 Storm Quatermaster Limsa Lominsa Upper Decks (13.2, 12.8) 200 Storm Seals
26 Sul Lad Il Mheg (16.2, 30.6) 6 Bicolor Gemstone
27 Sylphic Vendor East Shroud (22.3, 26.3) 500 Gil
28 Sylphic Vendor East Shroud (22.3, 26.3) 1 Sylphic Goldleaf
29 Tataroga Mor Dhona (22, 6.7) 500 Gil
30 Tokohana Kugane (12.9, 12.2) 500 Gil
31 Zumutt Kholusia (11.8, 8.9) 6 Bicolor Gemstone

That's all you need to know about the Final Fantasy XIV Glamours! While you're here, check ffxiv4gil.com to view our other helpful guides for newcomers and seasoned players!