FFXIV Impressions over the Jumping Potions

Game: Final Fantasy XIV
Time: 2016-12-19 03:38:19
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The FFXIV development team has decided to make the Chinese and Korean "Jumping Potions" available between Stormblood and next expansion. These items can only be bought one time through Mog Station and intend to skip the story or hasten the leveling process. Players were not happy with this new feature coming to the upcoming expansion.In this article, what people think about is displayed.


FFXIV jumping potions


Bad Impressions

"The questing is ridiculously dull, and the combat being so slow doesn't help at all. Several times I've wanted to just say fuck it and get rid of the game. I'm a hardcore MMO player (especially wow) and I just find the current state unnacceptable. Especially considering the volume of main scenario quests. I'm even starting to get level gated when doing them.


The games mechanics are ridiculously easy out of all the games I've played so I don't think there will be such a huge curve for newbies (lest new to mmos). I think the game is decent at 60 (I run potd to death so I don't slit my wrists with leveling) but getting there. It's almost not worth it, can just go play another game. Jump potions would bring alot of good MMO players to the game since you have the ability to skip the mind numbing grind."


"It certainly lacks variety compared to what the competition is doing nowaday, like WoW or GW2.


Keep in mind, if we compare any mmorpg to any single player experience, the story feels dull: I still think to how silly my character is when he's afraid of even using his weapon. And that's only one of the issue that all MMORPG have. But anyway, leveling often feels quite a chore, but at least FFXIV has more variety since trials and dungeons are fun and many and Duties offer nice daily bonuses. On the other hand, games like WoW and GW2 also have their perks: WoW single player quests have started shaping up a little better with Draenor, and GW2 story mode has like istanced duties for the personal story that feel great. For example, in one istance you where chased by a horde of mobs and you'd have to lure them on a lens to fry them up. Of course, they also aren't foreign to bad design choice. To make a counter example to GW2 I praised earlier, in GW2 you don't get to repair during story mode, and if your armor shatters from the many tries it take to learn what does what in story mode you have to complete the chapter without stats."


Good Impressions

"I really, really appreciate FF XIV and all the content it provides, and find brilliant the combo system paired with the 2.5 seconds global cooldown. However, this also means the game starts really slow, as mentioned by Yoshi-P in an interview that was also posted in this subreddit a few weeks ago (or was it last week). I dread remembering my first level as a Lancer where the core of my gameplay was Heavy Thrust, Impulse Drive, and a Surged Vorpal Strike every 90 seconds. This meant that, for the first levels, the main ARR experience, I actually had time to experience all the other content the game had to offer beside combat, like the chocobo quest, side quests, optional dungeons and so on, since learning the class initially was really easy to the point of being dull. But then we get to the most dreaded part: the 7th Astral Era Quests, from 2.0 to 2.55."


"In short, while leveling was fun, and the quests were nice (from 2.0 to 2.55 the pacing is bad tho), the content is really too diluted, and the combat system doesn't give you much to learn in the first level anyways. Would have I used a jump potion, if it gave me instant access to heavensward? I can't really say. Would I suggest a friend to pick a jump potion if he was to start in Stormblood. Probably yes, since I figure only players that feel genuinely attached to the game would be able to play from 1.0 to 3.5 before being invited into actual endgame content."


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