FFXIV Mount Detail Analysis

Game: Final Fantasy XIV
Time: 2014-09-13 11:29:40
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In Final Fantasy 14: A Realm Reborn, do you how many mounts? What mounts can you get? Which is your favorite? We will discuss about FFXIV: ARR mounts.

Difficulty: ★
Guide to gain: You can gather 2000 company seals to gain a chocobo in the game.
Chocobo is the primary mount whose equipment can be changed. According to your class, you are able to arm your chocobo with different equipment. Moreover, you reach level 30, you can
Summon your mount to fight and gain experience points for it.. Based on the way chocobo learn to fight, you can farm your mount to be Tank, DPS or Healer.

Difficultyy: ★★
Requirement: Level 20
Guide to gain: As long as you reach level 20 and gain a personal chocobo, you can gain a Coeurl. This mount binds to your account and you can not trade it.

Magitek Armor
Difficulty: ★★
Requirement: Level 50
Guide to gain: To gain Magitek Armor, you need to complete the mmain story quest and receive the item “Armor Identification Key”.

Difficulty: ★★
Guide to gain: Ahriman looks like a monster in FF14:ARR. You complete the special quest, you will receive the veteran rewards including Ahriman.

Difficulty: ★★★
Requirement: Conjurers at Level 30
Guide to gain: Unicorn is the exclusive mount for Conjurers. If you are Conjurer and complete the quest 'Unicorn Power', you will get such an elegant mount.

Behemoth Horn
Difficulty: ★★★
Guide to gain: You will receive this mount if you have paid for an active subscription of nine months.

Fat Chocobo
Difficulty: ★★★★
Guide to gain: You with other Collector's Editions will automatically get this mount.