FFXIV News on Pax prime 2015:Final Fantasy 15 release date will be accounced soon

Game: Final Fantasy XIV
Time: 2015-09-11 06:12:40
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Recently, held in Seattle's Pax prime 2015, square Enix Tian Tabata end of Supervision said the Final Fantasy 15 will announced release date in March 2016, game will be on sale in 2016, now let us have a look on some new information. We know that the Final Fabtasy XIV is hot in game world, and you can gain large amount of FFXIV Gil.


Eidolons has a great relationship with the world. They are very diverse and have their own language, and there are also gender.Leviathan is a female, closely linked to the Altissia city. Leviathan will release the whirlpool to attack the enemy, very cunning, through the water to disguise themselves.Eidolons is not a hostile beast, the world will have a lot of monsters like it, some of them can also be tamed by feeding and so on.

Eidolons is not a hostile beast, the world will have a lot of monsters like it, some of them can also be tamed by feeding and so on.

Moguli, winter, Bailey, cactus will not appear in the final fantasy 15, the final fantasy 15 want to create a more real world, more than three obvious are not consistent with the original intention. However, the production team is still discussing whether it can be clever to integrate these adorable pet into the final fantasy 15. Form the data of purchasing FFXIV Gil, we can conclude that the final fantasy 15 must going to gain a hot foucas.

Game also announced a number of new details of the map:
In the game the most important place is Altissia, a source of inspiration for the city in Venice, Italy, everyone can see marked city canal.

The city Lestallum, the prototype is Cuba, there is a hotel and the market, but not the biggest game in the city, the city of the design to the players based on the reality of fantasy.The garage, can repair your car here.

here is an outpost of the "Caem", close to the sea, the protagonist Noctis will be in the Caem to get the ship, through the ocean to reach Accordo.

With the departure of Stella, the relationship between Noctis and the leading actress Luna will be very subtle, changing into a love. Luna is a girl with an hand in a velvet glove will greatly influence, the character of Noctis. Players can choose the relationship between Noctis and other characters, the establishment of closer cooperation relationship.

Tabata side did not confirm the name of "CID", but basically confirmed the he is the owner of the hammer of the garage, in published art figure, he sat in front of the repair shop door, maybe Cindy's father. When playing Final Fantasy XIV, remember to gain more cheap FFXIV Gil online.

Actor Noctis can use guns and shields, the specific number of a kind of weapons as revealed.

Car Regalia is an important item in the game, carrying a Noctis father deep love. This car will be accompanied by the protagonist through the whole game process, you can transform it, fuel and damage are some of the. In addition, players can let their shuttle through the various continents.

"Final Fantasy 15" will be landing in the next generation platform PS4 and One Xbox, it is coming soon.