FFXIV Patch 3.3: Revenge of the Horde Easy Paths for Making a Ton of Gil

Game: Final Fantasy XIV
Time: 2016-08-10 14:45:58
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The horde has arrived in Final Fantasy 14 along with a hoard of gil riches just waiting to be snatched by daring adventurers.

Patch 3.3: Revenge of the Horde has opened up easy paths for making a ton of gil. Not only can you earn mountains of gil by clearing the newly discovered endgame dungeons, but also by completing beast tribe quests and racking up challenge bonuses.

Dig out piles of gil in the new dungeons
Two new dungeons have been opened up with the release of Revenge of the Horde: Sohr Khai and the hard mode version of Hullbreaker Isle, both designed for endgame adventurers.

Sohr Khai guide
Sohr Khai is a majestic forgotten palace nestled above the clouds in the Churning Mists. Previously the bastion of the she-wyrm Ratatoskr, brood-sister to Hraesvelgr and Nidhogg, Sohr Khai was named as such as a tribute and apology by her fellow dragons who were unable to prevent her demise. Now the airborne roost has been overrun by bird and beast, and challenges four-man groups of level 60 heroes.

The dungeon has a 90-minute time limit and has a minimum average item level 200. The recommended party set up is to have 1 tank, 1 healer and 2 damage dealers. Players will need to have completed “Winning Over the Wyrm” quest.

There are three fights in Sohr Khai dungeon.
The first boss is against Chieftain Moglin and the army of spawning moogles that assist him during the fight. The key to this fight is to manage the moogle adds, killing them quickly and knocking them out of the circles that appear when they die to prevent them from reviving. This battle will also require an alert area healer since Moglin will periodically cast Holy on the entire team.

The second fight will pit your team against Poqhiraj, and positioning will be the name of the game if you hope to prevail. It is always recommended to stand in the center of the platform to minimize the damage that the boss inflicts during attacks, and to move beside walls to prevent dying from the pool of electricity. It is critical for your healer to keep your team topped up through the unavoidable area damage, and for your team to move to safer zones to keep the damage manageable for your healer.

For the third and final fight against Hraesvelgr, your team should try to stay in close together, while also spreading out when needed to avoid the spawning ice cubes, dragon heads and massive area damage. Your team must also master timing and positioning to avoid the huge Hraesvelgr’s breath of death that can destroy entire platforms. Finally, your damage dealers need to be able to churn out enough damage or else you will quickly run out of platforms and fail the encounter.

Hullbreaker Isle (Hard) guide
Admiral Merlwyb has transformed Hullbreaker Isle into a training ground for Maelstrom recruits after it was discovered that it did not really contain legendary pirate treasure. To prove yourself as a worthy recruit, you will need to fight through the isle's fearsome denizens and the Maelstrom's elite.

Like Sohr Khai, this dungeon also has a 90-minute time limit and has a minimum average item level 200. In addition, players will need to have completed “Storming the Hull” quest, which in turn requires the completion of the main scenario quest “Heavensward” and “King of the Hull.”

The first fight against a trio of Sanguine troops and a coeurl is fairly easy if you can avoid the area damage. The only dangerous mechanic here is a coeurl that spawns and attaches to the healer. Eliminate the coeurl as fast as possible to prevent the debuff and damage from overwhelming your healer and your party.

The second boss fight versus Ymir will test your skill in positioning and timing. You will need to weave in and out of slime spots in order to take advantage of the immunity it grants from the targeted lightning attacks. Your team must also be coordinated enough to place all circles close to each other to survive the ice attacks.

The final dungeon boss is a two-stage trial by the Grand Storm Marshal Slafyrsyn. In his first form, the tank should simply lead him away from the party while the rest of the members deal damage, dodge area damage and heal through the assault. But in his second form, Slafyrsyn will start poisoning everyone with chests and assassinating members with targets and kegs. Make sure to remove the poison immediately by moving towards chests with antidote potions, and to keep all members close to full health especially if they are targeted so they can live through the damage. As for the pesky kegs, simply knock them to the arena perimeter where they can explode safely.

Fill the bank with Moogle beast tribe quests
For Disciples of the Hand, another gil-making opportunity comes stampeding in the form of the new Moogle beast tribe quests. The quests revolve around the efforts of the moogles to restore the former glory of the Zenith which served as the home of the great wyrm Hraesvelgr.

To gain access to these quests, you must first complete the level 50 quest Tricks and Stones.

If you need a more visual guide on completing all the quests you need to unlock the Moogle beast tribe quests, you can also check out this step-by-step video.

This latest set of daily quests will not only earn you gil, but also experience, items, and all-important reputation from the Moogles in the Churning Mists.

The difference with Moogle beast tribe quests from previously released ones is that players will mainly focus on crafting items instead of battling enemies to compete the quests and collect the handsome gil rewards.

Even better, all necessary crafting materials will also be provided to players with every quest, making this a very low-cost, high-gil reward activity for dedicated crafters.

Cash in on the Challenge Log gil increases
The new update also increased the rewards for challenge log objectives, some tripling in gil reward value.

For example, the Up for a Challenge I jumped from 4,000 gil rewards to 10,000 gil. The largest increase was in Up for a Challenge V, which asks you to complete 30 unique challenges, has been raised from 5,000 gil to 15,000 gil.

All in all, there was a 32,000 gil increase when you complete Up for a Challenge I to V. Since challenges can be performed on a weekly basis, this represents a great way to earn even more gil on top of those you pick up after completing the requisite unique challenges.