FFXIV Patch Notes 3.4: Soul Surrender Review

Game: Final Fantasy XIV
Time: 2016-10-20 14:43:20
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The Final Fantasy XIV patch notes 3.4 and the expansion were both released. And here is a fan festival in Las Vegas. Now let's take a review at "Soul Surrender".



Soul Surrender, aka Patch 3.4, continues the story where 3.3 left off. The main focus of the new patch is the Warrior of Darkness and how they'll put an end to his evil schemes. The Main Scenario Quests are quite short and can be finished for about two hours. For those who have been following the story since A Realm Reborn concluded, two characters will be returning to join the Scions. Also, a big revelation on a certain character will be revealed. The story quests found to be short but the revelations were enough to look forward to in maybe the last patch that Square Enix will release before the next expansion, Stormblood, releases next year.


Aside from the Main Story Quests, there is a plethora of content that has been added. Since last patch, we received a new 24-man alliance raid, this time, the it's time for the Alexander raid to get an update. Unfortunately, the Alexander content that will be on this patch is the last one - meaning we are really getting closer to the end of the Heavensward expansion. As usual, expect new tier of gear that you can farm in the new raid. For those who haven't beaten the Savage mode of the last Alexander great, you can now use the Duty Finder to find a group. As for the dungeons, there are two new ones with one being the hard mode of a previous dungeon, which is the Great Gubal Library. In terms of its challenge, they're pretty much similar to the previous dungeons released, though the new enemies are quite cool.


Crafters out there will be pleased to hear that new crafting recipes are available with this new patch. For those that think they're not getting enough Gil last patch, now is the time to get rich again and sell the crafted items that you craft. The crafting recipes vary from the swords, rings, housing ornaments, and many more. Pretty much every job class that is available gets a new recipe that they can craft.


Now you should upgrade your PS3 to PS4 for your new expansion Stormblood. For PC players there's also going to be a shift in the system requirements for Final Fantasy XIV: Stormblood. The minimum specs will be raised and Square Enix is strongly recommending you play it with a 64-bit OS and system.