FFXIV: Patch V4.45 Went Live with Some New Additions

Game: Final Fantasy XIV
Time: 2018-11-08 17:24:28
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In the recent Patch V4.45 update, FFXIV brings a lot of new features to players, one of which is the new discoveries in Eureka, such as exclusive logos actions to help you fight your way by way of hordes of ferocious foes within the land of fire and ice, Pyros. The misadventures of everyone's favorite agent of enquiry continue with Even Further Hildibrand Adventures.


Here are the Final Fantasy XIV Patch v4.45 full content:

FFXIV Patch V4.45


New side story quests happen to be added:




Furnishings from the FFXIV Furnishing Design and style Contest have been added.

New orchestrion rolls have been added.


The Manderville Gold Saucer:

The following additions and adjustments have been produced to Triple Triad:

New cards happen to be added.

New NPC opponents for Triple Triad happen to be added.

New prizes are out there for acquiring applying MGP.

"Rise of Heroes" (Chiptune Version), is actually a combination of "Rise" and "Heroes."



New Emotes have been added.

A brand new hairstyle based on an FFXIV Hairstyle Design Contest entry is now accessible.


The following issues have been addressed:

An issue wherein painting certain exterior fixtures would impact various parts of your fixture compared to before Patch 4.4.

A problem wherein, below certain conditions, the message shown when attempting to shop more than a single of an exceptional item in a chocobo saddlebag was not displayed.

An issue wherein chocobos kept inside the steady had been not displayed as the appropriate size.

An issue wherein attempting to leave the "Leap of Faith" GATE from any place 


Other than the purpose would prevent its completion from counting towards the "Close the Gates" challenge. And other numerous challenges have also been addressed. For more detailed information, visit the official website, and if you looking for some cheap Ffxiv gil, check out the Ffxiv gil list on ffxiv4gil.com.