FFXIV's New HD Hairworks 2 Mod Has Over 700 Reworked Hair Textures

Game: Final Fantasy XIV
Time: 2018-12-08 09:19:20
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Final Fantasy XIV recently has released a new mod called Hairworks 2 Mod, which upscales each hair texture inside the game to 4K, and hand-touches and downsamples them to 1K and 2K across the board.


FFXIV New HD Hairworks 2 Mod


The Texture Pack attributes more than 700 reworked hair textures for just about every race and gender like Miqote tails.


In order to set up it, you could download the mod by heading over to Nexus Mods and stick to this guide.


Download the mod file and unpack it anywhere you like but recall exactly where it's saved.

Download and install Liinko's Textools 1.8.5 or Higher and launch the system.

Within the major ideal of your plan click "Mods" and after that "Import ModPack"

Discover the .ttmp file you downloaded and import all of the textures.

Congrats! you just installed about 2 months of my life spread about and across 778 textures.


I was expecting a greater visual improvement, particularly when this Texture Pack weights around 1.3GB. Final Fantasy XIV is now obtainable on Computer and PlayStation 4 in all regions. When you are scarce in gil in the game, don't forget that we have been here to provide you with the cheap Final fantasy xiv gil.