Final Fantasy XIV Shadowbringers Guide: Method To Get All Final Fantasy XIV Mounts In This New Expansion

Game: Final Fantasy XIV
Time: 2020-03-10 17:29:07
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How To Get All Final Fantasy XIV Mounts

  News, well, not the latest Final Fantasy XIV news, the third expansion of Square Enix features huge new worlds. And in this post, we will show you how to traverse them at speed, and in style. 

  Well, how do you get all Final Fantasy mounts in Shadowbringers? If you just want to ride or fly around the stupendous vistas that make up Final Fantasy XIV Online, that means you are going to have to meet a number of different requirements. Even though there is a dizzying array of activities to tackle in this game, as one of the best MMOs (Massively Multiplayer Online) on PC, standing out among the crowd with a quite cool Final Fantasy XIV mount is certainly worth your time.

  What's more, in the long term, it will even help you save your massive time. The new areas such as Il Mheg, Lakeland, and Eulmore are quite huge, therefore, having a ride to speed up the process of getting around will help you get to the action much more efficiently. You can always fast travel by using the network of Aetheryte crystals dotted across the world, but one thing is that costs valuable Final Fantasy XIV Gil you might well want to save for something else.

  Quicker still is unlocking the ability to fly with your Final Fantasy XIV mounts. Which is also means, in order to do that, first of all, you will need to find all Final Fantasy XIV Aether Currents locations in the area in which you want to fly. These transparent bursts of blue light are scattered around in some quite tricky places, however, when you have got all of them in a certain area, you will be people to wave at your fellow adventurers from the blue skies. But, the real question is, how are you going to get them all in the very first place? And now, here is how to get all Final Fantasy XIV Shadowbringers mounts.


  Below is a list of all nine Final Fantasy 14 mounts which added to the game as part of its third major expansion, Final Fantasy XIV: Shadowbringers. Mainly thanks to the Redditor for collecting the following information, and for the lowdown on how to get some of the other new collectibles. Anyway, here are all the new rideable creatures and how to unlock them.

  The Very First One Mount: Final Fantasy XIV Amaro Mount

  This is another time sink, this asks you to level all Disciple Of War and Magic jobs to the cap of 80. That's right, all of them. It's pretty easy to finish this, right? Just as I ever imagined.

  The Second Mount: Final Fantasy XIV Battle Tiger Mount

  After you get war tiger mount in Final Fantasy XIV, it's going to take you much longer to get this one. Sticking with this new gun-wielding tank, you'd better finish 300 of those endgame activities, rather than just 200.

  The Third Mount: Final Fantasy XIV Circus Ahriman Mount

  However, you are going to have to wait a while to finish your collection. When All Saints Wake takes places in October 2019, that means the time for you should be able to get Circus Ahriman, but, of course, we will update you as soon as we know more about that.

  The Fourth Mount: Final Fantasy XIV Fae Gwiber Mount

  Now if you are in the mood for a spot of Shakespearean comedy, finish the Final Fantasy XIV Titania EX trial - The Dancing Plague at level 80, in other words. This only offers you an opportunity at getting the Fae Gwiber Mount in Final Fantasy XIV, therefore, you might have to run this a couple of times.

  The Fifth Mount: Final Fantasy XIV Grani Mount

  Featured prominently as the steed of the Warrior of Darkness, Grani is, unfortunately, only available to those gamers who purchased the Final Fantasy XIV Shadowbringers collector's edition. And that is an all-terrain mount, so it can ride on land, and fly, what's more, it helps you move much faster underwater.

  The Sixth Mount: Final Fantasy Innocent Gwiber Mount

  This is another Final Fantasy XIV mount, another EX trial. For this one, you need to tackle Final Fantasy XIV Innocence EX Trial (which is Crown Of The Immaculate) on its hardest difficulty. Dispatch Lightwarden Innocence for an opportunity at this collectible.

  The Seventh Mount: Final Fantasy Ironfrog Mover Mount

  Please keep in mind that grind the 'A Finale Most Formidable' FATE in Kholusia for the currency which is known as Formidable Cogs. Get 12 of them and then you can purchase this automaton mount.

  The Eighth Mount: Final Fantasy Triceratops Mount

  If you're eager to ride around on a Final Fantasy dinosaur - and who would not, really, successfully tackle 2000 A and 1000 S rank hunts in Norvrandt for the 'Nuts for Nutsy' achievement.

  The Ninth Mount: Final Fantasy War Tiger Mount

  While you are using the Final Fantasy XIV Gunbreaker job, you will need to finish either 200 dungeons, EX trials, level 50/60/70 duty roulette dungeons, or duty roulette leveling duties to tick off the 'Thank You, Gunbreaker II' achievement, which, in other words, this is going to take you some serious time.

And, finally, that's all there is to it: method to get all FFXIV mounts in Shadowbringers. You have got a fair few hoops through which you need to jump before you really can get them all (on the condition of you have massive FFXIV currency), but, with some determination, and of course, some grinding, you will have an expanded collection of rideable beasties at your beck and call.