FFXIV Skill Point Guide: How To Allocate Skill Points Effectively

Game: Final Fantasy XIV
Time: 2014-12-08 03:20:52
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Do you want to learn how to allocate your skill points in Final Fantasy xiv effectively and efficiently? Well if you want to learn how to build the perfect character, here are a couple of things you will want to know.

Before we get into how to allocate your attributes in FF14 effectively, we need to have a basic understand of what skill points are and what they do.

Here is a small list that will describe to you how they work:
Strength - helps increase physical damage
Dexterity - helps increase accuracy and critical rates of physical attacks
Vitality - helps increase max HP and reduces physical damage taken
Mind - helps reduce any magic damage taken, increases HP cured and increases max MP
Piety - helps increase the accuracy of magic attacks
Intelligence - helps increase damage of magic attacks

Now that you know what each category does, you will have a better understanding of how to build the perfect character depending on your class.

There are many different builds and paths that you can take with your character, however you will first need to decide what class you will want to pursue. If you are going for a warrior build, it is recommended to put more skill points into your strength and vitality as you level up. This will ensure that you will be able to withstand mobs of monsters coming at you at once.

However, if you plan to take the path of a magician, you would want to allocate more points towards the mind and intelligence. This way you will have enough MP to do all of your spells as well as deal devastating magic damage.