FFXIV: Square Enix Community Members Hosted An In-game Charity Event

Game: Final Fantasy XIV
Time: 2017-09-27 16:27:04
Views: 1398

On last weekend, Square Enix community members hosted an in-game charity event. Several video games firms have been encouraging players to donate towards Direct Relief. Players of Final Fantasy XIV have donated more than $21,000 to relief efforts following recent hurricanes Harvey and Irma. No matter what you are looking for, click for source



The event was livestreamed and was accompanied by a trivia contest and in-game after party, all encouraging both players and viewers to donate. Users joined a specific server and marched across the world of Eorzea. Originally the target was $1,000, as a result of that, a revised target of $5,000 was quickly exceeded within three hours. 


Final Fantasy XIV is one such game that has been in a housing crisis for a while, because despite three different zones and multiple wards to choose from, the housing hunt is is competitive that any vacant lots are snatched up instantly. And when the new Shirogane district opens up in patch 4.1, it'll probably be completely sold out in under an hour, a drought that will persist during the expansion's roughly two year lifetime. 


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