FFXIV Tips :Convert Your Extra Leve Allowances Into Gil

Game: Final Fantasy XIV
Time: 2014-06-27 02:54:21
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Leve allowances represent one of the best ways to make fast gil in FFXIV. If you are sitting capped out at 100/100 allowances, then you throwing away money. While leve allowances are one of the best ways to level up your crafts in FFXIV, if you have already leveled up each craft or are otherwise not interested in leveling up any more crafts at the time, you can convert these excess leve allowances into gil in just a few minutes.


Prior to Patch 2.1, the most popular way to do this was via Quarrymill leves that paid our Diremite Web. However, Patch 2.1 also included some changes that significantly lowered the value of this material. Fortunately, there is an alternative option which works quite well that only requires a level 30 Leatherworker.

Costa del Sol Repeatable Leves: Leatherworker
While the Diremite Web leve was well-known, a lot of people do not realize that you can pull the same trick at Costa del Sol and get a large amount of Boar Hide as a reward. In particular:
Slave to Fashion (1x Boarskin Choker): While Boar Hide is our target item here, this recipe only requires 1x Boar Leather and 1x Hippogryph Sinew to complete a quest that pays out 12x Boar Hide – not a bad exchange even when it only comes up once every 2-3 turn-ins.

Subordinate Clause (3x Goatskin Choker): Very cheap to make – just needs 1x Aldgoat Leather and 1x Diremite Sinew, two cheap ingredients. Since this is a repeatable leve, you wind up with 36 Boar Hide for just one leve allowance.

Each time you turn in a leve, the rewards are reset. If there are no leves available that are paying Boar Leather as a reward, complete either leve quest one time and re-check the rewards. Keep resetting the rewards in this manner until you get the leves you want.

When Boar Leather appears as a reward, accept all quests offering this and turn those in for profit. If it is a repeatable leve, turn it in all three times to get the full Boar Leather reward with each turn-in.

Repeat this process until all your leve allowances are used up. You can speed up this process by making sure that you have a few stacks of Aldgoat Leather and Diremite Sinew and about 50 Boar Leather and Hippogryph Sinew (you can use some of the Boar Hides you get as a quest reward if you do not want to spend any gil). You can then use quick synthesis to make a few dozen of each choker type and then quickly burn through your leves.