FFXIV Tips on Healer Role

Game: Final Fantasy XIV
Time: 2016-11-16 04:04:52
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The healer is a role that has a lot of responsibilities. They have to make sure everyone stays alive. If someone goes down, their job is to resurrect them back into battle. A good healer will keep everyone alive. A great healer will do the same, but also deal as much damage as they can in their downtime. Here are some tips on healers.


Here are some things you should keep in mind.


1. Your healing spell takes two seconds to cast. And you know the tank/party is about to take a lot of damage. If you wait 1.75 seconds before that damage comes, then cast your heal, then you will heal the damage the instant it comes out. The party will barely even know they took damage. This is called precasting, and if you practice it early as a healer, you will automatically be in the top 20th percentile of healers in this game.


2. Get in the habit of focus target on the boss, or a big and dangerous mob. This lets you know what the enemy is doing, and you can prepare for it.Other than that, find a tank who is willing to pull absolutely everything in a dungeon, and practice healing them. This will get you used to the limits of your abilities, and how to use them effectively. The difficulty of playing a healer is purely dependent on the people you play with.


3. Use the right skill for the job. It is often seen that newer healers flip out and try to use their AOE heal when a tank buster comes out and only hits the tank. u waste MP, overheal targets that might not even be low health, and in doing so generate enmity like crazy. Cure/Physik/Benefic are what you will need to use most of the time.


4. Follow your fairy's advice. Don't worry about healing when your targets are over 80% hp. As you grow more comfortable and get more useful items in your kit, you'll be able to let that number dip lower until about 50%. If you're really ballsy you can squeeze that down a bit more, especially in trash pulls. After all, healing a critical target gives a better boost to the LB meter.


5. Don't forget about Sustain. 8% HP restored to your pet over 3 tics is the easiest healing it will need.


Hope these tips can be helpful with your healing. Maybe these are beneficial for new players. If you are new to this role, or don't know where to get FFXIV gil, the in-game currency, you can get with cheap price on our website as well as power leveling.