FFXIV4GIL Easy Tips to Get More FFXIV Gil

Game: Final Fantasy XIV
Time: 2015-08-27 05:55:20
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FFXIV Gil is not much necessary when leveling earlier in Final Fantasy XIV but it will be crucial part of your life after you hit level 60. In dungeons and raids, even the repair cost can cause you broke. While a higher level content require a fine set to wear. These reasons are enough to earn more FFXIV Gil.



The first choice is making rich by crafting. It’s quite boring in leveling crafting. However, selling high value items can make you wealth faster. You can make more Gil as quick as leveling. A high quality item is immense to your crafting level. Successful or failed crafting, you gain level anyway. It is important to your crafting skill to turns the lower materials like ingot or thread to become a high quality items.

You should focus on crafting leves as much as possible. It will grants you a chunk of EXP as well as Gil. Be sure to change your leves into high quality items. Some Leves allow you to turn-in multiples items. It could boost one-three of your crafting skills. The daily mission from Grand Company Supply gives you a lot of EXP as well!.

Another purpose for leveling crafting is to ensure that you will be able to afford for wearing a crafted gear. If you could craft any piece with Craftsmanship just do it. Even though it might not be the best gear you can get now, it is saver than buying it all. Just make sure that you can craft your own quality gears. If you can’t do it yourself, just buy it from market board. It helps you a lot in crafting.

Level 40+ crafted gear is your real way to make money. Moreover if you can make your crafting to level 50, a lot of profit will be yours. Since new level 50 players will be looking for dungeons gears. Don’t forget to promote yourself, many players need level-50 crafter to meld Materia for their new gear. There is a room to make money here.

Some crafting materials like fleece and webs are highly demanded for Weaver, you can sell it at a high price. Ore and woods from Mining and Botany has a high price for some server. Element shards that need by someone is likely to sell well too. You are not the only one crafter, sometimes selling crafting materials that often drop from NPC can gradually get you rich.