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Game: Final Fantasy XIV
Time: 2015-01-14 11:37:37
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Most of the players in FFXIV may feel troubled with the spam here and there, especially to the players who have ever bought ffxiv gil at some websites. In this situation, you may feel worried about your accounts’ safety. How the spammers get your info in game and contact with you?


It mustn’t be an accident, the spammers couldn’t prefer to send their messages to random names for it is inefficient. Probably they have got your info. Then how these websites get the players’ names? Some of them may send their messages to the players who are searched out on the server, but a more effective method is buying the players’ info from the suppliers who have delivered ffxiv gil to buyers before. These suppliers usually collect buyers' character names together, then sell these data to gold selling sites to make some profit. So ffxiv4gil notices all players, choose a trustworthy website to buy FF14 GIL and consider more about accounts’ safety than price.

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