Final Fantasy 14 Stormblood Guide: Best Therapist

Game: Final Fantasy XIV
Time: 2017-06-17 15:36:19
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Square Enix makes the treatment of Stormblood the biggest gift: instead of playing with Cleric Stance in order to switch between DPS mode and healing mode, Astrologians, Scholars and White Mages will now damage their output values to their minds Not their intelligence statistics.


This is likely to mean that the healer is now expected to cause more damage in the underground city and the attack. It is also possible that certain DPS checks in Stormblood content will not be easily passed without their help.


The first impression could be tough, but did not stop anyone from being excited about the astrologers. So if you master some of the skills to play FFXIV, you can earn more gold coins, and then you can buy better equipment, so play it will be easier, if you want to know more about FFXIV skills, you can be concerned about