Final Fantasy XIV something that remains the same

Game: Final Fantasy XIV
Time: 2013-08-25 11:14:33
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A Realm Reborn is the new version of Final Fantasy XIV that is being released because the original FFXIV was massively disappointing and wildly unpopular. One would think that if Square Enix ever needed to get something right, it was now. The beta stages went by fairly well, and the game is certainly much, much better than the original FFXIV. But even before launch we’re seeing some problems, and it seems that, even though the game itself has improved greatly, some things at Square Enix never change.

Early access has begun on Saturday, August 24, which means Square Enix still has a little bit of time to sort this out. The game becomes available to the remaining masses on the following Tuesday, August 27. We will start selling FFXIV Gil then. If you need any in coming days, you can come back to our website and make some purchases. 24/7 livechat support to help you complete the orders.