Final Fantasy XIV: A Nocturne for Heroes Event is Coming Soon

Game: Final Fantasy XIV
Time: 2019-04-16 03:18:25
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Final Fantasy XIV A Nocturne for Heroes


Final Fantasy XIV's latest collaboration event, "A Nocturne for Heroes," which is now live and will last until May 27, players will have the opportunity to see the FFXV protagonist Noctis in the game.



Perhaps most importantly, players can win four-passenger Regalia vehicle along with Noctis's "attire, hairstyle, and FFXV themed orchestrion rolls."


What's the four-passenger Regalia vehicle? Here are some things that make this vehicle a unique prize for players:


The Regalia mount is the first 4-player mount to be introduced in FFXIV! Similarly to 2-player mounts, you'll be able to ride together in a party member's Regalia mount by targeting them and choosing the "Mount" sub-command.


When mounting, you can choose any of the three seats you want to sit- one front and two back. Don't worry; your choice is essential for any day of the week, not just Friday.


Another cool feature of the Regalia mount is that your sitting position will change depending on the seat you are riding. You can see the female Au Ra poses as an example below:


Pose 1:


FFXIV Regalia Pose 1


Pose 2:


FFXIV Regalia Pose 2


Pose 3:


FFXIV Regalia Pose 3


Also, you can fly while riding with your companions! Regalia is a flying mount that can even change form while flying. Regalia can also go underwater.


But how can you get Regalia during the event? Don't worry; it shouldn't be too hard to get. Is there enough open area to even drive that thing in the game? Beyond the fact that running is slow not much of a point to it.